From Ashes To New Interview and Photos

From Ashes To New Interview and Photos

Branden "Boo" Kreiderand Matt Brandyberry from the band From Ashes To New stop by the Warped Tour press area to talk about touring and working as a full time musician. The bands positive approach and humble approach is really what separates them from many in the industry. You take this and add it to their cutting edge, magnifying music and you’ve got yourself a great mix for success..

Matt also appears on www.RevelatorShow/com/shows/117

From Ashes to New have been touring none stop for a better part of a year and have releasedan EP & LP in that time. Matt also talks about upcoming plans after warped tour including tours with Finve Finger Death Punch and playing Ship Rocked in 2017.

Show Review

From Ashes To New have been touring and playing solid for well over a year straight with no signs of slowing down at all. On this day FATN would close out the Nashville warped tour Monster stages with an electric assault of heavy riffs and dynamic vocals. FATN offer a unique combination metal, hip hop, groove to propel their sound. When a lot of bands lack substance and meaning FATN serve up an over whelming positive vibe of triumph and self awareness that offers a feeling of accomplishment and overcoming the obstacles.


 You can hear an interview I did with singer Matt Brandberry last year here: Revelator Show #117.

Blasting out of Lancaster, PA, FROM ASHES TO NEW is less a band, more a dynamic aural antidote to modern life’s perpetual grind. Based around the twin fulcrums of Matt Brandyberry’s relentless, twisting verses and Chris Musser’s razor-edged vocals, the sextet are already dealing in the sort of arena-ready anthems that will make you want to kick your 9-5 into the middle of next week.  The band blends from the broadest of modern metal palettes to produce something both wholly unique and utterly compelling. From Ashes To New is hitting the road following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Day One’ and their hit single “Through It All” that peaked at #6 on the Active Rock charts.  The band also recently released their second single Lost and Alone” 

Make sure to catch From Ashes to New on this year’s 2016 Warped Tour.