The Word Alive Interview

The Word Alive Interview

I was able to catch Luke, Daniel, and Zack from The World Alive in the press area at warped tour.

We were able to talk about some really great topics involving the band’s latest release “Dark Matter” and the feeling and collective writing to create the music they wanted to portray on this release and breaking the genre based stigma.

We also discuss the difference between crowds overseas vs. playing in the states. It was nice to have a constructive conversation about fans in the crowd with their cell phones and the new app that could disable your cell phone while attending a concert.

The singer for the band Volumes also crashes the interview. It was a metal get together and Volumes was invited. More on them later.

Even though the guys are young they have a good grasp on the bands that have paved the way for them and look forward to more opportunities to play larger festivals with some of their influences like the Deftones and Killswitch Engage.

The World Alive also share their to the ring fight songs. A few surprises including Five Finger Death Punch and a few surprises. Coming to the stage at this time The Word Alive!