The Interrupters Concert Photos

The Interrupters Concert Photos

I was able to catch The Interrupters live in Nashville on this year’s Warped tour. I thought they were really great live and offered a different vibe musically than some other acts on the Poseidon stage.

 I don’t like comparing bands but hearing The Interrupters live reminded me of another band I saw back in 2003 called The Distillers. Overall different in style and approach but they are the same in regards to have the “It factor”. Whatever “It” the vocalist Aimee Interrupter shows she has great command and presence on stage. The smile on stage was infectious and everyone who stopped by to see them play had fun. I ever saw a dad and his daughter dancing stage left.

 I’d expect to hear more things from this band as time goes on. For those interested in a new band in the punk –ska genre The Interrupters are the fix you need. Hell, if you’re looking for a bad that not about how many likes they have on Facebook, or Instagram. A band that will”Say It Out Loud” The Interrupters have context, a message and a great sound. 





 Short Bio:

Los Angeles-based ska punk band The Interrupters, consisting of front-woman Aimee Interrupter, guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, and drummer Jesse Bivona, blend a guitar-driven and melody-heavy sound with urgent social and political messages. The band addresses topics from domestic violence to the presidential election and everything in between. Since the release of their 2014 self-titled debut, The Interrupters have split their time between touring with the likes of The English Beat and Bad Religion and cranking out new material that shows off their irrepressible sensibility. The band’s sophomore album Say It Out Loud, produced by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, captures their frenetic energy as well as their unmatched lyrical boldness, and will be released on Hellcat Records on June 24. Watch the video for “By My Side” (directed by Tim Armstrong), the first track off Say It Out Loud here.