Every Time I Die Interview and Photos

Every Time I Die Interview and Photos


Every Time I Die is one of the best and unscripted bands you can see live. ETID live on stage is a shaken up bottle of carbonated hardcore ready to erupt on the stage and anyone close enough in its metal soaked zone.

As the band closed out the Monster North stage at Warped Tour, lead vocalist Keith Buckley told the crowd “This is no accident, there is a reason you’re all here. This makes you the coolest people here”

ETID would play a few crowd favorites from previous albums including a few from the “Big Dirty”

Jordan & Keith would storm the security railing heading deep into the front row. At one point Jordan fell into the crowd guitar and all. Every Time I die are hard to describe live. The band is untamed and in their natural habitat on stage. They are fierce, forthright, and yet ruthless.

Keith took a few moments to promo the band’s new album release.” If you buy a T-shirt you get a CD”. We are going to play a new song off the new album” (Crowd Cheers) “Now don’t cheer you’ve not heard it yet you don’t know if it sucks of not”.

 The best way I can put this to you is if you’re a fan of heavy music and you’ve not seen Every Time I die live and in person I strongly encourage you to do so. The Pit awaits you, the crowd is ready to surf, and the Low Teens album will set the bar high. It will be brutal, callous, merciless and somehow comforting in the approach.

Buffalo hardcore band Every Time I Die is Keith Buckley (vocals), Jordan Buckley (guitar), Andy Williams (guitar), Daniel Davison (drums), and Steve Micciche (bass). They’re set to release their eighth album Low Teen in the fall of 2016.This album promises to feature the bands  cementing their massive riffs, frantic rhythms, and brutal vocal work into the most awesomely devastating songs the band's created so far. That says a lot for band who has been together for over eighteen years. Watch the video for the bands single “The Coin Has A Say”.