Dash Ten Interview and Photos

Dash Ten Interview and Photos

I was able to chat with Corrin Campbell before their set in Nashville. 

I was also able to catch the back end of the bands set on the Full Sail stage. One of the few bands I was able to see on this side stage. The three piece band Dash-Ten was really solid live. You can see the years of playing together in the military has really prepared them for life on the road. I’m looking to hear more from this band and what they do in the coming years from a musical stand point. If you’re looking for a band outside of the check me out on instagram and some real grit and positive energy. Dash Ten is it. They have an old school feel with modern riffs.


Sgt. Corrin Campbell has been bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “working musician”. As an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier and combat veteran, Sgt. Campbell has been working two careers – one of a Soldier, and one of an independent artist. Finally the two merged and she began touring on behalf of the US Army in 2012, telling her Army story through music. “It’s amazing to be able to talk about what it means to be an individual with goals and aspirations, but have your character amplified by service as a Soldier. I am unique; I am still me.” says Campbell.

Recently developing a new band, the artist is excited to move forward with Staff Sgts. Peter Greenberg and Steve Ebert. The group now goes by the name Dash Ten. “The Army is a place where we can use our musical talents and skill sets to benefit a team – a incredible team of individuals who wear the same uniform and work for the same purpose: the protect the rights and life of the American people as we know it.”