Cruel Hand

Cruel Hand

Cruel Hand is hardcore! For those who braved the circle pit it was a slam dancing, caught in a mosh, bicycle kicking good time! As lead singer Chris Linkovich said, “We sound a little different that some of the other bands” Power cords, blast beats and big riffs, Hardcore from the Atlantic northeast.

Maybe it’s me and/or the generation gap but, I found it odd that more people gathered in front of an empty stage rather than to enjoy or discover something they’ve not heard before like Cruel Hand. I’d never seen anything like it. Would you rather gather at an empty stage to catch the next act or see a band play live in front of your face? I pick live band over empty stage every time.

To the ones who put down their cell phone and did not worry about where they would be standing for the next band, so they could capture crappy cell phone video and photos of. To those true concerts goes enjoying every band on a Warped Tour. A tour that’s based on exploring and discovery, to you I say “Hell Yeah”!

Since forming in 2006, Cruel Hand’s sound is equal parts New York hardcore and west coast thrash, all with a twist of their own. The band has toured the globe relentlessly, sharing stages with bands like Terror, H20Balance and ComposureTitle Fight and many more. The band recently announces their new album Your World Won’t Listen that is set to be released on September 9, 2016 via Hopeless Records. Check out more about Cruel Hand, here: