Crown The Empire Interview and Photos

Crown The Empire Interview and Photos

It was great to talk with Andy Leo from Crown The Empire about pre- interview donuts. This disregards the signs in the press area saying “Please don’t feed the bands”

Andy and I talk about the bands now third run on Warped tour and being familiar with the ever changing surroundings. Andy also talks about the back lack of luck with changing set times based off their nightly activity.

Andy and I share some of our favorite whiskey drinks, beer choice and more.

Crown The Empire started at a very young age and like most bands they had to learn on the go. Andy talks about the  bands older material compared to the newest songs the bands released and how its light year more advanced lyrically and musically. Andy and I also get into set list writing and songs that always end up on the set list for CTE is “Make Shift Chemistry

Andy was able to recall some almost band names before selecting Crown The Empire. It’s a pretty good list including Strawberry Center fold.

Crown The Empire has some other tour option post Warped tour including playing a bunch of cities they’ve not played before and some overseas shows in the works.

Like Andy said “Pay attention now because shit is about to get crazy”

Live Review:

Crown The Empire is a band I’ve been waiting to see perform live for a better part of nearly three years. This year on Warped Tour I finally got that chance.

From the bands first EP back in 2013 to the debut LP “The Resistance” which is still one of the only physical CD’s I’ve bought in the last two years. There is something raw and impactful about CTE that really shines musically starting with the lead vocalist Andy Leo.


Crown The Empire drew a massive crowd late in the day on the Monster North stage. The band came out bookended with two inflatable astronauts. Crown The Empire would carve through the stage. Andy’s energy, followed by the power, precision and buildup of the bands rhythm section was astonishing.

Crown is set to release their 2nd full length LP titled “Retrograde” on July 22nd.

The band’s latest single “Zero” is a clear cut, straight forward headliner track that showcases the bands development as songwriters. It’s clear the years of playing live shows have help create a top shelf live performance. Crown The Empire offers up a wide range musically.

Live the band delivered one of the best performances of the day offering Substance, original, and fresh.

Crown The Empire is a force to be reckoned with.