Vans Warped Tour: Nashville

Vans Warped Tour: Nashville

For 25 years Vans Warped Tour has been introducing people to their new favorite band all while building a nation wide community for people from all walks of life too share and enjoy the beautiful thing that is music.

This years Vans Warped Tour taking place in Nashville on the infield of the motor speed way track at the fair grounds was a fitting way to send off Warped tour. Ladies and gentleman rev your engines and meet me at the finish line.

Every Time I Die:

As Buffalo, New York's own Every Time I Die close down the final Warped Tour this past weekend with their single "Map Change".  The stage was being torn apart around them, and the gritty guitar riffs from Jordan Buckley play ode to Warped Tour's past. Every Time I die said at the start of the tour.

"We heard Warped Tour was ending, so we're coming to kill the bitch" it's only filling that this photo gallery lead off with ETID.

Knocked Loose:

In one of the most brutal mosh pits in my recent memory, I present you Knocked Loose.

Not only are these dudes heavy as hell and jumping all over the stage,the crowd was equally as amped up. Half way into the bands second song, two people collided and the band stopped the show so that the on site medical team could attend to them. Vocalist Bryan Garris made a short statement about people Moshing. He said" if you see someone fall down help them up". The band restarted their second song and off they went. Great young hardcore band with lots of energy. They did not play many dates on Warped this year but I'm glad Nashville was one of them.

The Used:

The Used were playing the Journey's main stage and drew one of the largest crowds of the day. The photo pit was equally packed,it was a sea of people as well. The Used, show was so well attended even Nekrogoblicon was on stage to relish in its emo side.

The Used came literally out smoking as vocalist Bert McCraken took the stage with two smoke bombs in hand. Vibrant color and colossal sound purple smoke saturating the stage. The band that broke at the turn of the century,still writing and making impactful music that is and has spoke for many. The hearts blood pumps and we are all a little used. Let loosed and colorize your musical soul.  


Bowling For Soup:

I've never went bowling for soup and as hot as it was on this day soup was the farthest thing from my mind. I can't bowl bowl but I love the Big Lebowski so here we are. I was told by the guys from Bowling for Soup they are the greatest band ever in the world. That;s s split or a spare I'm really not sure. I believe your toe may have been on the line.

Chelsea Grin:

I happen to be walking by when the dudes from Chelsea Grin took the stage. I clicked my camera on and went at it. The heavy onslaught these guys brought was undeniable. Throw the horns and find the circle pit. Towards the end of the bands set someone dress in a T-Rex costume was trying to crowd surf and lead vocalist Tom Barber yelled " Get that fucking T-Rex up here!" I regret to inform you that said T-Rex did not make in front stage. Its those damn short arms that really keep a T-Rex from seeking it's true  crowd surfing potential. 

Senses Fail:

I have to thank fellow photographer Nick Zimmer who is really a talented photographer.I suggest you check out his work. With that said Senses Fail hit the stage like a tidal wave. Full go, energy to the max. The crowd was pumped and when you thought these dudes could not get any better they throw down a Nu-Metal melody of System of A Down, Rage Against The Machine, and Limp Bizkit. I also included some crowd photos from the bands set to capture the complete awesomeness that went on both on and off the stage..

Knuckle Puck:

Knuckle Puck is a band I've heard a lot of great things about and I was lucky enough to get through the front gates to catch them play at 11:30 AM.  I had just applied my sun screen and chugged some water and was ready to get my Warped Tour groove on.  Knuckle Puck set the tone for a really great send off on the Nashville motor speedway.

Tonight Alive:

The first time I saw Tonight Alive was at Warped Tour a few years ago, on one of the side stages. This year they were opening up the Journeys right main stage. Led by vocalist Jenna McDougall, her powerful voice and equally captivating mannerisms makes Tonight Alive a must see live. If you missed them at Warped this year I'm sure they will be hitting the road again in the USA very soon in support of their new album titled "Underworld". Great songs, a powerful message for women and one hell of a rock band. We could use more quality rock bands in the world like Tonight Alive.

Ice Nine Kills:

One of the biggest surprises live this year for me was how kick ass Ice Nine Kills was. With one member dressed as a priest, one a zombie, another sporting a Jason mask, and their singer paying his respect to Freddie Kruger. Ice Nine Kills dug deep and their singer Spencer was all over the stage and went crowd walking during the first part of the bands set. Full throat, big riffs and lots of fucking fun! Ice Nine Kills bring it live.

Crown The Empire:

Crown The Empire have been making people take notice for years now at this point. I had the pleasure of speaking with their singer Andy Leo a few years ago. The bands live performances has caught the attention of their peers like ETD and others. Andy said "Nashville it's good to be back" We've never played on a race track before, Pretty dope" I hear ya Andy, it was pretty damn cool. Andy's humor is something I enjoy and he shares it on stage as well. Man it would not be Warped tour if it didn't smell like Panda Express and  porta-potty's.

Through the rain that crept into the afternoon at Warped Tour CTE delivered a really fast paced, energetic set.




Deez Nuts:

Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts had an old school New York hardcore sound with a nu-metal twist. I had a blast hearing these guys up close. Their singer JJ Peters had a really excellent stage presence. Slam to the beat and meet me in the pit. Deez Nuts bitch! The band will be touring Europe this fall 2018.

This Wild Life:

I had the opportunity to interview This Wild Life several years ago when they appeared on TRS #116. Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso make up the two piece band from Long Beach, CA. The main stage was draped in vivid color along with the groups spiritedt songs. The photo pit was filled with many of my peers. This Wild Life indeed. Bringing people together in all forms.



With a festival chalked full of rock bands, hardcore band, grind-core, metal core, emo and any other kind of sub genre you can come up with, one thing holds up and stands true and that's heavy metal! Unearth has been pummeling crowds for over 20 years and on this day it was no different. Bang your head, shred some chords on the guitar and if you want, take a piss right on stage. Unearth was trashing about and it was beautiful except for the piss.


Doll Skin:

I believe the only all female band on this years Warped Tour was Doll Skin. This band of young ladies have had a busy year starting with appearing on this years Shipped Rocked. They also have the backing of Megadeth bassist David Ellison, that has allowed Doll Skin too showcase their sound. Don't mistake the backing of David Ellison as a lack of skill or talent on their part. Doll Skin is growing into their own and playing all these shows in front of people at Warped has no doubt helped them. I enjoyed their sound and energy on stage. I look forward to hearing and seeing these ladies again in the near future.

Doll Skin, they have the look, the sound and punk rock is alive and well. We need their perspective, a woman's touch on the punk rock scene is needed more now than ever.