The Karma Killers

The Karma Killers along with my guest interviewer Daisy Dead had a chance to talk with Mango & Micky James from the band.

The guys share the fine tuning of the band name The Karma Killers. Micky & Mango also talk about the rest of warped tour and upcoming fall tour. The guys have been spending the last year writing and are poised for a full studio release and follow up to their EP Strange Therapy.

Mango and Micky also share a few laughs with some fun questions regarding movies and boxing. The guys also touch on some musical influences that make up the bands diverse sound.

I had the chance to also see the bands performance up close in Nashville. I thought the band was really great. They showed a great stage presence.  As they got deeper into their set more and more people kept coming over to hear them. The hardest part with being on warped tour is getting people to stop and listen. If you can do that you’re winning the tour and growing a larger fan base. The Karma Killers are killing it live.

Micky was engaging with the growing crowd, encouraging them to dance and have fun despite the rainy cool temperatures. Micky as a front man reminded me of Mick Jagger with his charismatic personality, moves and energy willing concert goers to let go and enjoy them self’s. Those in attendance were more than eager to do so. The vibe The Karma Killers put off was positive, energetic and was a equally tight musical composition of their diverse catalog that also a cover of The Ramones “Rock Away Beach”

 You can see photo that I took of the bands performance in Nashville below.

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