Tatiana MeMaria from the band TAT joins me to talk about the band’s music and her personal interest.

Tatiana shared some great stories about her home land and her early interest in Punk and Brit pop as a youth.

It’s rare when I find an artist who generally enjoys the process of my conversational interviews style. I agree it’s not for all artists. Tatiana and I really got deep into many topics outside the normal press interview regarding her band, songs and touring. Grated we did cover many of those things.

Tatiana shared some great back ground work she’s done while traveling between   LA & New York producing music and writing. She’s also worked on movie soundtrack “Blue Crush” and a few others. She mentioned doing jingles but I was not able to find out more about what type of jingles. Maybe next time she is on the Revelator I will.

Tatiana and I get a little side tracked talking about gangster rap, different writing styles for those types of music. As we continue to talk we get into the evolution of writing lyrics and how things you’ve written years ago take on different meanings for our older and more mature self. It’s a great deep conversation about creating, building and developing expressive outlets that are true and honest for others to view and hear.

TAT has a new single titled Anxiety that will be released July 15th. The band will continue to release single as the rest of 2015 carries on for more information about TAT please visit.