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To those who are new to the show welcome! To those who are following me from the omnes.tv site Thank You. Your support has been outstanding and I'm truly grateful.

I hope you enjoyed the "Best of but Not the Last of" show. If you have not heard it, you can here. http://omnes.tv/revelator/episode66/

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Revelator Show 67 was a mix of music from past guests. It's a rocking playlist featuring, some  amazing bands.

Revelator Show 67 - The Eclectic Sessions Vol. 3

The Artist / Guest section will feature a short Bio  along with links to the the bands website and social network sites.  Revelator #68 that will be released on July 21st. The show will feature  Art of Shock and Dead By Wednesday.

I'm happy to announce that along with quality music guests each week,  I'll also be doing live show reviews that will include Photos. The first installment will be early August featuring: Gemini Syndrome & Sevendust. you can hear old interviews I've done with both of these bands here.:

Gemini Syndrome: http://omnes.tv/revelator/episode37/

Sevendust: http://omnes.tv/revelator/episode30/

The great thing about this Live show review is you'll get to hear an updated interview with Aaron from Gemini Syndrome along with cuts off the album Lux.

Yes, Gemini Syndrome will be on a future Revelator show along with Bellusira, Varna, New Medicine, Message to Venus, Komodo Wagon and other amazing artist yet to be named. The conversational interviews will remain a staple of what I do. The funny stories, Sports, Movies , Story Time With Ryan will also make their way into the shows! I'll also introduce a new element to Revelator that will feature parody commercials.

I welcome you to the new site! To find out more about me or our guests please check out these links:

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Revelator Show 68: The continuation Death by Art Of Shock

Revelator Show 67 - The Eclectic Sessions Vol. 3

Revelator Show 67 - The Eclectic Sessions Vol. 3