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Revelator Show 166: Veracity, Integrity and Blacklist Union

On this episode of Revelator I welcome music Tony West from Blacklist Union and vocalist Eric July from the band Backwords. I’ll also talk cover recent photos shoots I’ve been on and the top movie at the box office.


Concert Photos

You can check out recent photos of Hellyeah, Escape The Fate, and this last week’s guest Filter.


Blacklist Union:

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Upcoming guest on Revelator include Failure Anthem, Sons of Texas, The Tip, and many more yet to be named.

Look for concert photos of New Years Day, Vampires Every Where,  and Orgy.

Revelator Show 151: Three Teeth Biters

On this episode of Revelator I welcome music guest 3 Teeth and the Biters This week in Revelator History features Cyber girl of the year Elizabeth Marxs & HellYeah. I’ll also cover the top movies, headline and Super Bowl 50 recap.


Revelator Photos

This newest photo gallery featured on Revelator comes from the Reverend Horton Heat

This week in Revelator History:  Revelator #98 HellYeah

All the Kid’s are right! Before Jack White had White Stripes or any other color arrangements you may think of, there was Local H! The two piece band from Zion, Illinois lead by Scott Lucus with his throaty, rasp vocals and heavy distorted guitar, the heavy handed hammer drums and power fills, that bellowed thought out the venue! I think even the younger crowd in attendance, which didn’t know much about Local H, did win them over in an instant! It was a full go, balls out, kick ass, rocking,” You! Bound that to the floor and set it on fire kind of rock set! I felt the energy was fantastic and really set the mood for the night!