Revelator Show 93: Booyahh! The Red Light District

Revelator Show 93: Booyahh! The Red Light District

On this episode of Revelator I welcome music guest The Amsterdam Red Light District hailing from France to talk about their new album “Gone For A While” I’ll also cover the NFL playoffs, top movies and the passing of sports broadcaster Stewart Scott.

This week’s blog features past guest Like A Storm who played in Nashville this past Dec. opening up for Steel Panther.  The photos were taken by Robbie Bolog from the band Captain Ivory who will be featured on a future broadcast of Revelator this year. For more information about Robbie and his band please visit

Matt from Like A Storm appears on Revelator # #84"Sticks Stones & Wishing You Hell"

Here is a link to the photos taken by Robbie.

Steel Panther:

The band has brought us such classics like “Weenie Ride” “Glory Hole” and Girl from Oklahoma”.

I have to admit I was really bummed out that I could not make this show but I’m grateful I was able to provide a great opportunity to someone else. Robbie did a great job Check out the photos below.


From Lyon, France’s THE AMSTERDAM RED LIGHT DISTRICT (aka TARLD) released their fast-paced new music video for ‘A Chance to Change’, directed by Olivier Dacosta (director info, watch video here). Today, the band is independently releasing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the late-night shoot via their official YouTube page. Check out the behind-the-scenes video here:

Guitarist Maxxx states, “Recording a music video from 10PM to 7AM in the morning ain’t that easy! But we are happy to show you how fun it was with this behind the scene music video! A producer, four crazy French guys, one rough punk rock song: We are THE AMSTERDAM RED LIGHT DISTRICT.”

The band’s new album, Gone For A While, was released on November 26th via Red-Light Records. You can order Gone For A While digital album here, the physical album here, and the ‘Gone For A While’ single here via iTunes.

 Watch TARLD’s new music video for ‘Gone For A While’ 

Gone For A While Tracklisting:

1. Time flies

2. Just Have A Good Time

3. Million Miles Away

4. A Chance To Change

5. Final Boarding Call

6. Gone For A While

7. Behind Your Sunglasses

8. These Kids That Your Parents Warned You About

9. Come Closer

10. Set The World On Fire

11. Waiting For So Long (feat. Justin Schlosberg from Hell Is For Heroes)

With guest vocals on their debut record from James Munoz, (The Bled), their sophomore also hosts another friendly name that we all joyously welcome, with Justin Schlosberg from Hell Is for Heroes appearing on one of the tracks, ‘Waiting For So Long’, who is a great friend of the band!

 TARLD’s sound has been nurtured from the roots of bands that the band have listed to since their youth – such as Refused, The Bronx, Letlive and The Ghost Of A Thousand. They pride themselves on their live show particularly, having been part of tours throughout Europe with bands such as Comeback Kid, Slayer, Anti-Flag and Refused.

 TARLD have found a home in between punk and hardcore, where vocalist Elio’s gritty screams coupled with blood curdling riffs pummel perfectly into the soaring melodies and catchy choruses - carrying this band into a spectrum of audiences.


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This Week in Revelator History:

On This week in Revelator History, I got back to Revelator #41  “Claw Hammer and Metal Spoons” featuring The Chimpz.The guys from the Chimpz also appear on Revelator #77  to discuss their new album and tour. Since I last spoke with The Chimpz they’ve been featured on the hit TV how Sons of Anarchy” with their second single off the new album “From Left to Right”. The Chimpz being the kick ass DIY band they are also released a new video for “California” 

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