The Eclectic Sessions Vol. IIII

The Eclectic Sessions Vol. IIII

The Eclectic Sessions Vol. IIII


This is the 4th installment of The Eclectic Sessions. This show is an all music show that showcases some of the best artist I’ve had on Revelator in the last 6 months. Now it’s hard to include every single band but I want to mention everyone who did donate their time to be apart of a Revelator broadcast. The list below is a list of bands who’ve been on Revelator shows 68-91 but do not appear on this broadcast.

Adelita’s Way


New Medicine

Gemini Syndrome


Kobra and The Lotus

Komodo Wagon

3 Pill Morning

Like A Storm

Drowning Pool

To Humans

 Dead By Wednesday

Red Fang


Voodoo Sex Cult


Andy Wood

Rachel Lorin

Theory Of a Deadman


Yes, those are the bands who are not on the show! I know, a lot of amazing acts. It was very difficult to narrow it down  I wanted to include the Indi bands first then the bigger bands next.

 Here is the track listing for the bands who appear on this episode of Revelator.

Miss May I: You Want me

Blue Stalhi: Enemy

We Are The Riot: Not what You Wanted

Nothing More: This is the time

Conquer Divide: Eyes Wide Shut

Chris Giles: Lights in Stero

Boiling Point: When You Lost it All

Dark Beauty: Wicked Dollhouse

Die So Fluid: Black Blizzard

Kaliedo: Unbreakable

The Nearly Deads: I Said

Varna: Running Away  

Lullwater: Albatross

Message To Venus: Cold & Grey

Requiem: Stick & Stones and the Lovely Bones

We Are The Finale:

Johnny Wore Black: Firefly

Art of Shock: Freaking Out

One Eyed Doll: Be My Friend

SunFlower Dead: Every Breath You Take


Rival Son: Electric Man

The Chimpz: Califorina

Crobot: Legend of A Spaceborne Killer

I hope you’ve enjoyed this version of The Eclectic Sessions Vol. IIII

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