Revelator Show 89: Johnny Wore Black

Revelator Show 89: Johnny Wore Black

On This Episode on Revelator I welcome special music guest Johnny Wore Black along with two cuts off their new album “Walking Underwater Part 2”

I’ll also cover the top movies at the box office this past week and Story time with Ryan featuring Gwar. This week in Revelator History features Digital Collapse.


I attended a sold out show this weeks at the Exit In here in Nashville, Tn. I talk about the GWAR show on this week’s show and a live review will be out soon along with photos of The American Sharks and Corrosion of Conformity.



Jay from JWB was an outstanding guest and shared some great stories about his balance between working as a stunt man and being a musician. Jay also shares some light on the writing and recording process of the album. Jay also shares a great story about singer Sara Renar (Sara Renar appears on the song Shine On) and meeting Mastodon.

You can see concert photos of Mastodon here:

Along with a full interview you’ll also hear two songs off the new album “Walking Underwater Part 2” The interview opens with the song “Firefly’s” and we close the interview out with the song “Fallen Angel” Jay talks about the video release for this song coming very soon.

Jay talks about pulling inspiration from his work on the silver screen (having worked as a stuntman in films like Les Miserables, The Dark Knight Rises, Fast and Furious 6 and most recently, Fury with Brad Pitt), JOHNNY WORE BLACK ‘the artist’ has created his own brand of dark, atmospheric musical intrigue.

 JOHNNY WORE BLACK features frontman / mainstream film and television stuntman-by-day Jay and guest musician / co-writer Dave Ellefson (Megadeth). Walking Underwater Pt. 2 hits stores on November 26, 2014 via Dead Cherry. The album is mixed by Grammy-award winning producer David Bottrill (Tool, Stone Sour). Walking Underwater Pt. 2 will be available for ordering next week.

 Walking Underwater Pt. 2 features the one and only Dave Ellefson of “Big 4” heavy metal titans Megadeth, as well as a few additional guest appearances from Croatian singer Sara Renar, and renowned soul singer Loretta Heywood. Both esteemed artists bring a new level of undeniable credibility and brooding, haunting sounds that Jay bases JOHNNY WORE BLACK on.

 Walking Underwater Pt. 1 was released earlier this year and received excellent reviews. This follows the praise of previously released singles ‘All The Rage’ (2011), ‘Up In Flames’ (2012), ‘Noise’ (2012) and ‘Gift of Desperation’ (2013). September 2014 marked the release of the new JOHNNY WORE BLACK single ‘A Cut Above’.

Walking Underwater Pt. 2 track listing:

1.      Firefly (co-written by Dave Ellefson)

2.      A Cut Above (co-written by Dave Ellefson)

3.      Comfy Slippers (feat. Dave Ellefson on bass)

4.      Fallen Angel (feat. Dave Ellefson on bass)

5.      Gift of Desperation (co-written by Dave Ellefson)

6.      I Do Dissolve (feat. Dave Ellefson on bass)

7.      Noise

8.      Shine On – (feat. Croatian singer Sara Renar)

9.      Whose Children (feat. Dave Ellefson on bass)

10.  Winter in July – (Cover feat. vocals by Loretta Heywood + Loretta Heywood/Bomb The Bass collaboration)


Johnny Wore Black – vocals

Pete Mathers – guitar

Simon Hutchby – drums

David Ellefson – bass

James Coppolaro – guitar

Loretta Heywood – vocals (Winter in July)

Sara Renar – vocals (Shine On)

To get the new album that was released Nov. 26th please visit

Digital Collapse:

Corey from Digital Collapse joined me on Revelator #38“Thinning the Heard He talked about the bands beginnings and future plans and if memory serves me right I also get him to read  from a book he got as an x-mas gift. The band has had a few line up changes in the past year but they are currently working on new material. For more information about Digital Collapse visit these sites.





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