Revelator Show 84: Sticks & Stones and Wishing You Hell

Revelator Show 84: Sticks & Stones and Wishing You Hell

On this episode of Revelator I welcome Matt Brooks from Like A Storm and Jacklyn Paulette from the band Requiem. I’ll also cover the top movies at the box office and my week 9 NFL picks!

The first guest on this week’s show is Jacklyn from Requiem. You’ll also hear two cuts from the new album The Unexplainable Truth.

Closing out the show is Matt Brooks from the band Like A Storm. Matt and I discuss a wide range of topics and also discuss the two newest singles from the band including the song “Wish You Hell”

The infamous list of almost made it show titles are as followed.

“Wrong Turn in West Virginia”

“Unexplainable Hell”

“The Unexplained Storm”

I’ll also be making a big announcement on the broadcast about an upcoming photography gig. If you’d enjoyed the recent photos & reviews of done then you’ll really like what’s in store for the future of the! If you’ve not seen or read any of my reviews you can do so here!

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Jacklyn Paulette was kind enough to come on the show in what was short notice to conduct an interview and talk about the band’s new album! Jacklyn and I talk about her early music influences and her diverse musical back ground. Jacklyn has been playing guitar in front of crowds since a young age. I think you’ll her guitar chops on song line The Unexplainable Truth and the bands newest single “Sticks & Stones and Her Lovely Bones” Both of these songs are features along with the interview with Jacklyn.

I also joke with Jacklyn about her upcoming photo shoot with Revolver Magazine for the top 10 hottest women in Metal. I ask he where on the top 10 she falls.  Being a humble woman she is, Jacklyn would not say #1 but from what I’ve seen she could easily be top #5.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA metalcore quintet Requiem has unleashed a brand new album “The Unexplainable Truth” October 28th, via Cleopatra Records. Make sure to order your copy now (here:, and listen to the album teaser via PunkNews here:      

Stay tuned for a brand new music video for the band’s new single, ‘Sticks & Stones and Her Lovely Bones’ coming soon. The track is impacting at radio now.

The Unexplainable Truth combines dark melodies and soaring orchestras with vicious metal guitars and bass. Recorded by the band themselves in Santa Cruz, CA at Sonic Shark Studios, the album was also mixed by JD Keiser at Laughing Lion Productions, and mastered by Nakasaki Sound. Stepping forward as visionaries while most bands are still trying to catch up in the scene, Requiem are set to unleash and album that will change your views of what “metalcore” should be.

Requiem features vocalist Steve Juliano of former Epitaph Records powerhouse band I Am Ghost, Daisy Rock Guitars-sponsored guitarist/vocalist Jacklyn Paulette.


Like A Storm

Matt Brooks is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Like A Storm. Matt was kind enough to cut some time out on one of his ff nights to talk with me about the bands current tour and their musical background.

Matt also shares the back ground story behind the song “ Love The Way You Hate me” This song also opens the segment featuring the bands guest spot on the show.

Matt and I also get into the importance of exploring different styles musically, the ups and downs to touring and bizarre wrong turns in West Virginia.

Matt also talks about the move from New Zealand to the USA and also going back to visit his homeland every year.

I always enjoy talking about music and touring with bands but I also enjoy having a guest that is open enough to talk about things out side of music. Matt and I get into some movie talk and with Halloween coming up, Matt and I share a common like for the movie “The Shinning”

Like A Storm is set to do a fall tour in support of Drowning Pools “Unlucky 13th Anniversary” kicking off in Ohio.

This Week in Revelator History:

In one of my favorite guest of 2013 Rob Ulrich the vocalist for Mindset Evolution joined me on Revelator #33  “Real Men of Skin Pants” to about the band’s new album “Brave Bold and Broken” and their tour with Mike Wengren.  Rob talks about recording with Johnny K and his attention to detail and bringing the songs and music to life.

Rob has been a big supporter of Revelator and was a part of the 50th Revelator show “Fifty Shades of Revelator"

You can also check out Mindset Evolutions new video “Change” and read the positive message behind it on a recent Revelator blog segment

Upcoming Guest:

I’ve got some great upcoming guest that include Snot, Andy Wood, Annandale, Blue Stalhi and more to be named later. Don’t forget to subscribe to Revelator to get all the latest interviews and info from all the amazing music guest.

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