Revelator Show 81: We Lullwater The Finale

Revelator Show 81: “We Lullwater The Finale”

On this episode of Revelator I welcome music guest “We Are The Finale” and “Lullwater” I’ll also cover the top movies at the box office & this week 5 NFL picks!

This week’s Revelator blog will feature past guest Nonpoint and Annandale who both released new albums on 09/30/2014.

This week in Revelator history  features Matt DiRito the bassist from Pop Evil.

Well, the title of the show is something on an art form I guess. Maybe art form is strong, more like puling names out of a hat or thrown darts at a board with a list of names on it. I always like combining the band names and mixing them up. Here is list of a few that almost made the cut.

“We Lullwater”

“Lull Finale”

“Careful selection”

“Act I: The Lullwater Drink”

"Where's The Blood"

We Are The Finale”

Daniel the lead singer from the Nashville based band “We Are The Finale”  joins me to talk about the bands future plans and upcoming release of their new EP Act II: The Turn" in October. You can buy the band’s latest release Act I: The Pledge now available on iTunes.

I first met Daniel in late August after his show at the Exit In located in Nashville, Tn. I was very impressed with the bands overall performance and stage presence. I approached Daniel after the show. Sometimes approach someone about your podcast show can sound awkward and pitchy. Sometimes it’s a, “oh yeah cool”, “ok man we are down for that”. The other times it’s what you have with Daniel. He was excited to hear about a project. It’s always nice to know that bands out there enjoy the effort that goes into it. Daniel was 100% in on being a part of the show. You can read the live show review that also features past The Nearly Dead’s.

You can also see the live show photos I took of “We Are The Finale

Daniel and I share a common interest in regards to the state of FM radio. We talk a little about this and more regarding the state of the music industry and the massive uphill climb for a band even with all the different outlets in today’s media driven world.

I’m excited to hear the new material Daniel and the guys. I hope to have him back on the show to talk touring and more.


John Strickland from the band Lullwater joined me to discuss the bands early beginnings and  moving from Georgia to Seattle to record their self titled album. If you love hard hitting, hard driving guitar riffs, pounding drums the remind you of days gone by of the 90’s rock revival or enjoy your lyrics being belted out with purpose and passion look no further than Lullwater!

The great thing is you’ll get a chance to see these guys since they are kicking off a big 6 week tour opening up for Flyleaf starting in early Oct. I don’t like saying bands or throw backs or anything but Lullwater has a sound that I miss hearing. When you hear the songs like “Albatross” and the opening track to the album “Oddline” it sets you up for a well crafted, well delivered musical session. Both of these songs can be heard on the show.

John and I talk about the bands past travel history and some interesting things you may see at a truck stop around 3AM. Those topics are always a fun talking point. We also discuss the bands future plans for recording a new album. The band is not about singles, they are writing, creating an album. I’m hearing and seeing this more and more with bands we’ve had on the show and I love it. People want to say rock and metal are dead but if you believe that you’re not looking hard enough. Lullwater and countless others, many we’ve had on the Revelator show are creating and releasing quality music.

Revelator past Guest Music News:


Nonpoint is a band that I not only really enjoy personally but also professionally as well. I’ve been fortunate to have them appear on several shows and the latest show a few weeks back “Nonpoint and Nothing More” to help promote their new album that is officially released 9/30/2014 “The Return” It’s an outstanding album that is really Nonpoint at the top of their game. The new video that came out for the first single “Breaking Skin” is a deep, no holds barred look into a dark life style that too many fall into.

Nonpoint be on tour this October & November with another past guest of Revelator, Gemini Syndrome. This line up is a must see fall tour for 2014.

Chad and Ashley who appear on Revelator #2 "I'm An Egg Man" and they have just released their follow up to 2013 EP Moving Forward. The New EP titled On the Inside was also released 9/30/2014 the new EP show the bands growth musically. I look forward to having Annandale back on Revelator to feature some of the new songs.

This Week in Revelator History:

This week I had the opportunity to talk with bassist Matt DiRito from Pop Evil. Matt was a great guest. He was really easy to talk with about the bands early beginnings, the filming of videos overseas and his past day jobs. On this show “Throwing the Fight for Pop Evil  you’ll hear the hit singles “Trenches” & Deal with the Devil” Pop Evil has been touring on their album Onyx for a little over a year & a half. They’ve enjoyed 4 hit singles and a host of sold out shows all over the US and Europe. Chachi from Pop Evil appeared on another show in support of their show in Nashville.

On this same Revelator show I also feature Ryan Baustert from Throw The Fight who just played their final show in late August after a 10 year run as a band. Ryan talks about the bands filming of their videos and touring with bands like Bullet For My Valentine & Black Vail Brides.

You can also hear some deep cuts off the bands last album What doesn’t Kill Us. It’s a shame that this band is not longer making music or touring but they provided some quality music over the years.


Well, I had my worst week of picks so far for the season going 7-6 for week 4. Even with last week’s strange outcomes I’m still 39-22 on the season.

The TNF matchup is between the Vikings vs. Packers .I’ll go with the packers at home on a short week vs. a banged up Vikings team.

Bucs vs. Saints: Will, the real Saints please come forward? Have they turned into a team that if they’re not at home they are soft like tissue paper? This week they are at home vs. a Bucs team that showed some fight beating the Steelers last week after that TNF slaughter they received from the Falcons a few weeks back.

Rams vs. Eagles: I would not be shocked if the eagles got beat but playing at home I’ll give them the points.

Browns vs. Titans: I’ll be attending this game to see the Browns show they are not the same old Browns. The Titans are a mess!

Steelers vs. Jags: Maybe the Jags get their first win of the season? Nah! This team is dreadful

Falcons vs. Giants: This game could go either way really. These teams are the bi-polar. I’ll take the Giants is what could be the game of the week.

Bears vs. Panthers: Cam! Cam! Someone help with guy out! The Panthers can’t run the pass, defend the run, and pass block or anything right now.

Texans vs. Cowboys: The battle of Texas this week in Jerry’s world. I want to take the Texans for the sole reason they have J.J. Watt! This guy is a real pleasure to watch play.

Bills vs. Lions The Bills are who they thought they were and I’m not letting them off the hook! Lions are looking the part.

Ravens vs. Colts: The Ravens off the Ray Rice scandal have played some really great football. Andrew Luck is leading the league in TD passes. If the Colts find a pass rush they can pull this thing out. I still like the Ravens on the road.

Cardinals vs. Broncos: With both teams coming off bye weeks, the common sense thing would be to take the home team but something tells me the Cards are gamers!

Jets vs. Chargers:  Phillip River has been lights out, MVP of the season. The Chargers even with all the injuries at RB this team is putting up points in bunches.

Chiefs vs. 49ers: I should pick KC in this game after the Monday night dismantling of the Patriots and for the simple fact Alex Smith is coming back to play his former team! You know what I’m changing my pick Chiefs with the big time statement win!

Bengals vs. Patriots: The Bengals coming off a bye week, heading to play the Patriots team that has major issues on offence starting with protecting Tom Brady. I also should point out the Patriots D has been suspect against the run. The Bengals may be the best team in the AFC. Sunday will show if I’m right or not.


Seahawks vs. Redskins: The Legion of Boom has to be foaming at the mouth! They are loving the Kurt Cousins match up! Loving Cousins! Seahawks roll big in DC!

Coming soon

In the coming weeks on Revelator I’ll have interviews Jaclyn from Requiem, and Jeff the 3 Pill Morning. I’ll also have a live concert review & photos from the 3 Pill Morning, Fozzy, and Theory of A Deadman concert from the Cannery Ballroom here in Nashville!

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