Revelator Show 77: Break Out The Chimpz! Mike Patton’s Coming for Dinner!

Revelator Show 77: Break Out The Chimpz! Mike Patton’s Coming for Dinner!

On this Episode of Revelator I welcome back The Chimpz & a new band from LA called To Humans that features Jeremy Lombardo (Drums) son of former Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo. It’s a packed show! Music & more on Revelator!

The Revelator blog features news about Shadows Fall, Chiodos, Glamour  Of The Kill, Candlelight Red, Jennifer Vaughn and my NFL week one pig skin picks.

Well, this is a fully loaded show with lots of excellent material. Picking a title for the show may have been the hardest part of the whole thing. Here are few that almost made the cut.

“The Chimpz are To Humans”

“Worldwide Chimping”

“The Chimpz Survival Kit”


The opening monolog I talk about last week’s VMA’s award show on MTV. Does anyone know what the “M“for MTV stands for? Let the history books show that at one point the “M”  in MTV once stood for music.

Upcoming guest on Revelator: include: Nonpoint, Red Fang, Nothing More, Boiling Point, One Eyed Doll, and many others yet to be named. Make sure to click subscribe below blog posting.

Revelator past Guest Music News:

As many of you may know Brian Fair announced that “Shadows Fall” will be embarking on their final European tour. I would expect a final US tour as well. You can read the full message from the band here

You can also hear past interview I’ve done with Brian on Revelator

The most recent interview I’ve done with Brian is Revelator #63 “Handmade Boarding Passes

In August of 2013 I interviewed Brian in what I’ve called one of the best interviews I’ve done. Revelator #24  “Dead Monks ad Sunken Ships”

Brian and I met in the early 2000’ss at the infamous Al Rosa Vila in Columbus, Ohio. We hung out drinking Killians Irish Red and watching a late night Celtics game while they were on a west coast road trip. We didn’t discuss the music or anything band related at all. We hung out and talked sports. As a pure fan at that time, it’s really was something I’ll always remember.

 One of the great things about Brian is how humble and easy he is to communicate with. When I started this project, Brian was always a guest I wanted to have on. Brian is always willing to donate his time and talk about not only music but family, sports, traveling, and his back ground. I don’t believe this will be the last we’ll hear from Brian Musically.

I want to thank Brian for his time and helping spread the word about Revelator. Thanks for the great music, timeless conversations and for being a pleasant person to get to know over the years.


Craig Owens appears on Revelator # 56 “Devil’d Eggs with a Side of Chiodos”  an episode that also features the lovely and sexy 2013 Cyber Girl of the Year Jennifer Vaughn .

News has spread about longtime Chiodos members Derrick Frost and Matt Goddard had decided to leave the band. (This is Frost’s second departure.) The two will be replaced by Thomas Pridgen (the Mars Volta) on Drums and Joe Troy (RX Bandits) on Bass. After the lineup change, front man Craig Owens shared his thoughts on Twitter, saying, “Where you see a problem, I see an opportunity.”

I find it curious that after everything this band has been through and on the cusp of a big tour with A day To Remember & Bring Me the Horizon this would happen. Maybe it’s creative differences? Family matters? Steve Urkel has that effect on people. Maybe they let Craig know about it at 3AM. Whatever the reason for the sudden departure Chiodos will carry on as long as Craig Owens is a part of it.

Glamour of the Kill - After Hours EP

GOTK appear on Revelator #58 “Armed to the Snatch”

Dave from the band talks about the bands new release Savage’s and touring for the first time in the USA.

A lot has changed with the band since I’ve spoke with them. They are working on releasing a new EP and have gone 100% independent. You can see more about the band and what the future holds here.

Welcome to the next chapter for Glamour of the Kill...
After being dictated to by record labels and people who sit in an office, wearing a suit so far in our careers, we thought it was about time we take back control. This allows us to create something on our terms, with only you, the fans, to answer to.

After touring the UK, Europe, Russia, and the US over the last 6 months, the last month and a half has been spent tirelessly writing a new EP, which will be released before the end of this year. The new EP titled "After Hours" will be our chance to show elements of GOTK that have not been seen before, while maintaining the fundamental principles of what makes us what we are. “Something that has tested our writing ability, our musicianship, and at times our sanity”. It's now time to unleash this animal from its cage.


The Chimpz:

The Chimpz are back on Revelator! We talk about a wide range of things including working with producer Ryan Greene who’s worked with Megadeth, NOFX, and Lita Ford.

Scary Cary" (Lead guitar) & Sean Capmasterfresh Topham (Drums) to talk about the release of their self titled album released 9/9/2014. We also talk about touring and their 3rd featured song on the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy.

The Chimpz were the first guest on Revelator in 2014. That interview with the band was a fun and entertaining show. We cover many topics from touring, wind breakers, recording new music and Cheap Trick.

The Chimpz talk about their new single “California” and the upcoming beach video shoot for that single/ hot chicks and bikini’s

You can hear that episode of Revelator #41 "Claw Hammer and Metal Spoons"

To Humans:

This is Jeremy’s first interview with his band To Humans. Jeremy was really a pleasure to talk with. He was humble, willing to talk about a wide range of topics, offers some great insight about the bands beginnings and his family’s musical roots.

To Humans, a hybrid of alternative, indie and progressive rock, is a California born and raised, high-energy trio, composed of Danny Toranzo (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ace Anderson (Bass) and Jeremy Lombardo (Drums) son of former Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo. They're quickly garnering a buzz among the music industry elite and music lovers alike.
The band’s new album, Metacognition, was released on June 27, 2014. The album was produced by TO HUMANS and David A. Lombardo (brother to Jeremy), will full engineering, mixing and mastering credits going to David A. Lombardo as well.
“We just wanted to create something bigger than ourselves that survives on its own and not be outdated. Our goal is for this album to prove that honest expression and emotion can still survive as an art. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of creating something meaningful with your friends that mean the most to you, “states Jeremy Lombardo.

Pig Skin Pick’ems Week 1:

The season is now under way and here is my week one picks for all games.

The Thursday Night Game featuring the Super Bowl champs hosting the Green Bay Packers ended up not being much of a game at all. How good are the Seahawks? Wow in all phases of the game they beat up and dominated the Packers! Taste the rainbow!

Here are my picks for this weekend’s games:

Jaguars vs. Eagles: Eagles

Browns vs. Steelers: Steelers

Vikings vs. Rams: Rams

Patriots vs. Dolphins: Patriots

Raiders vs. Jets: Jets

Titans vs. Chiefs: Chiefs

Bengals vs. Ravens: Bengals

Saints vs. Falcons: Falcons

Redskins vs. Texans: Texans

Bills vs. Bears: Bears

Panthers vs. Bucs: Panthers

49ers vs. Cowboys: 49ers

SNF: Colts vs. Broncos: Broncos

MNF: Giants vs. Lions: Giants

Chargers vs. Cardinals: Cardinals

This weeks in Revelator History features two bands with very different styles. Candlelight Red who I mentioned in a recent blog Revelator #73” Speak the Truth about Rock 

This show also features Adelita's Way. On the blog I Talk about the recent departure of lead singer Ryan Hoke. The other band is Amerikan Overdose hailing from the Pacific Northwest

Revelator #26 “Exposed and overdosed on Candlelight” Candlelight Red and Amerikan Overdose


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