Revelator Show 75: Alive, Dead and New Medicine

Revelator Show 75: Alive, Dead and New Medicine!

On this Episode of Revelator I welcome TJ from The Nearly Deads and Jake from New Medicine talking about the release of the new album Breaking the Model. I’ll also cover the top movies, the start of the college football season and more on revelator!

I seem to always come up with a  few show titles of what the show could have been named. Below are a few that almost made the cut.

“Breaking TheDead”

“Nearly New Medicine”

“Alive, Dead or Nearly Dead”

This week’s opening monolog was a fun one. The ALS ice bucket challenge has been all the rage and it is for a good cause. Raising over 88 million dollars! That is Impressive. What’s better than the ice bucket challenge? Well how about a bucket of kind bud challenge? Refer water fall!  The real toke is no joke! Ganga me this, good chap! B-Real from Cypress Hill, Bong hits this one out of the park! Research has shown that marijuana may be an effective treatment for ALS. For those interested in reading about the findings made by this study conducted by CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics.

B-Real issues his Pot bucket challenge to "Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Woody Harrelson. The Joint is in your corner gentlemen!


Now along with this funny video and all the other ice bucket challenges. The most theatrical of them has to be Dave Grohl from the Foo fighters in his Ice bucket challenge meets Carrie.

Dave Grohl also has a new HBO series titled “Sonic Highways” The series starts on HBO Oct. 17th Here is the trailer for the upcoming Broadcast.

The first guest on this week’s Revelator is TJ from “The Nearly Deads” This has been a long time in the works. I’ve known Steven the guitarist from the band for a little while now. I meet TJ last spring before they went on tour with “Stitched Up Heart”.  We had talked about them coming on the show but like everything, timing is everything. The bands had some early hardships that TJ hints at in the interview.  However with the new album “Invisible Tonight” there is reason for optimism about the future and where this band can go. The Nearly Deads have created some buzz in the Nashville, Tn. Area winning both Best Punk/Pop Band and Best Music Video at the Nashville Independent Music Awards. Here is video for the single “I Said”

The interview went really well. with TJ who was easy to talk with about a wide range of topics.  TJ and I covered a lot about the band’s new album, challenges of being a female in the rock scene and also a fun game I call Alive, Dead or Nearly Dead. This may be a game I play with other guest in the future because I had such a fun time putting it together! For the record I’m a big fan of Magic Johnson. Look for more great things from “The Nearly Deads”  who are playing at the Exit In this Saturday night in Nashville.

The second guest on this week’s Revelator is a band called New Medicine! Yes, I’ve been talking about this interview for a few weeks and here it is! Jake from new Medicine, was kind enough to join me as I was launching the show Revelator in 2013. The old show “Unsigned” had run its course and to have Jake from New Medicine on the final episode to send off the old show "Unsigned" and launch the new show "Revelator" was really an honor. I was already a fan of the band’s music. After some brief phone conversations and what turned out to be an outstanding in depth interview about the bands beginnings and Jake's old school mentality to make it in the music industry, it's clear that Jake and the guys in New Medicine are going to make some serious noise.

Jake and the guys moved to Nashville from Minnesota to help progress their musical career. This is a band that’s had to conquer a lot of things in the music industry. It’s good to see them not only write a new album but write what Jake said himself is the bands best work to date. Look if you loved the album “Race You To The Bottom” as much as I do, you’ll really enjoy “Breaking The Model” That came out Monday August, 25th.

This Interview was originally recorded about a month before the album was released.  Jake being the stand up guy he is, remembered me from our interview back in Feb. 2013. The last show of Unsigned. My Grandpa’s Ashes” Jake granted me some time to chat with him this summer. It’s always good to know people enjoy what you. You can also hear the first single off the new album titled “One Too Many” In true New Medicine fashion it’s a song that you can hear over and over! Turn this shit up! Look for New Medicine to be tearing up live venues while on tour with Halestorm this fall!

Upcoming guest on Revelator are “We are The Riot” ‘Sunflower Dead” “To Humans” and many more.

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