Revelator Show 69: The Varna To My Cachango!

On this Episode of Revelator I welcome Music Guests Bellusira and Varna! I’ll also cover the top movies, and an underwater music event! All this in More on Revelator!

I was struggling on what to call this show. I had a few working titles like…

“Ned Flanders Sad Rebuttal"

"Wait... It comes with Instructions? "

"Spit Here"

"Digging a Grave to Underwater delight"

"Come look at My Cachango"

You get the idea.

In the opening Monolog I talk about an underwater concert in Florida. Not to be confused with the wrapper Flo-Rida who's somehow taken the state of Florida and turned into a two words! I heard he was on WWE's Monday Night Raw! I can only assume he was Oranges or I like to say Oran-Ges. From what I hear he was not body slammed or dropped kicked which is a shame...

I've included a video to the undersea concert for your viewing pleasure.


I also cover the top movies at the box office and a look at The Rock's new movie, Hercules!

The show features an old favorite of mine Varna, who are a hard working, Independent band from the LA scene. I was one of their first interviews back in early 2013 when the show was still called "Unsigned" At the time of this interview Varna's EP had now even been released. You can still hear that interview here. "Under The Weather Now with The Varna"

The reason I ended up titling the show "Under The Weather Now with The Varna" was because at the time, I had a really nasty cold. I was so sick in fact that I debated with my then Producer, Mike if I would even conduct an interview at all. Being the old school radio guy I am, the show must go on, no matter what. I had the interview booked about a month ahead of the scheduled recording and thought it would have been really poor taste to cancel. Looking back now I'm glad I did the show with Varna. I barley made it through the interview let alone the show as a whole. This was when the show was conducted live and did not allow for much editing if any at all. Tiana & Rob are not only talented but also great people and we've gotten to develop a mutual respect and friendship. I think on this show you can hear that bond. It's always nice to maintain connections with good people in this business. Varna has shown that hard work and dedication does pay off.


Bellusira who are also on this episode of Revelator hail originally from Melbourne, Australia and have relocated the Los Angeles to continue their musical career.

It's an interesting story about How I met them. I originally heard about Bellusira from a former guest Phoebe Pinnnock who's the lead singer for Heaven The Axe. If you're not aware of Heaven the Axe and have no idea that "Good Things Comes To Those Who Hate" you should find out how heavy that Axe cuts.

Crystal from Bellusira was kind enough to be a part of the show even in the middle of the writing process for the band’s new album. She is was a great interview and shared some very sincere moments about her past and her struggle to relay them into her writing. She was witty, forthcoming, humble and honest. She was an outstanding guest and I look forward to speaking with her again and getting a chance to hear Bellusira's new music. I know they will have deep meaningful songs with powerful riffs that may need restraining orders!

I hope you've enjoyed this Episode of Revelator! In the coming weeks I'll have music & interviews from some great bands like Gemini Syndrome, New Medicine, Message To Venus, and Kaleido.


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