Revelator Show 288: Tulip & Vitriol

Revelator Show 288: Tulip & Vitriol

On this episode of The Revelator Show podcast I welcome music guests Tulip and Vitriol. You’ll hear music from former guests Heaven The Axe, Incite, and new music from Fire From The Gods for this week’s Vulture picks. I’ll also cover the top movies, the NFL and story time with Ryan featuring Pinky & The Brain.

This week’s Guests:


Ashleigh & Colin from the progressive, synth-metal band TULIP join me on this episode of Revelator to talk about their unique history and partnership. The religious sister podcast is still in development.! As long as Colin co -host with me.

Ashleigh talks about the bands forthcoming album from paranormal ideas, the ides of why and how we are here and exploring her and Colin’s journey for further explorations.

The bands working title for their new album is “High Strangeness”. It’s a nod to the unexplained encounters people have. The band is currently working independently on the release and don’t have a set release date as of yet. They are hoping for a Halloween release.

Colin and Ashleigh talk about the joy and the trying times of working with her husband. I share my not so great expert husband advise with Colin.

The band is prepping for some west coast dates this fall and playing some new material in front of fans.

The band has recently released a cover of the Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar cover “Pray For Me” that will play to close the interview.

For more information about the band please visit:


Instagram: @wearetulip

Twitter: @wearetulip


Kyle from Vitriol joins me on TRS to talk about the band’s new album and their plans to tour overseas this fall.

Kyle talks about the painstaking moments in time. The band had spent nearly 3 years writing and recording the band’s new album “To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice”

Fronted by the dual vocal assault given from guitarist Kyle Rasmussen and bassist Adam Roethlisberger, and driven by the inhuman drummer Scott Walker, VITRIOL proved to make a successful strike at the genre's heart with their 2017 EP, Pain Will Define Their Death. Released via Italy's Everlasting Spew, it already provided a shockingly intense glimpse at the whirlwind that is to be unfurled on the highly anticipated debut record, To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice.

Kyle talks about touring overseas and the bands first true business trip. The band will be joining Nile starting September, 10th. We talk about taking the time to enjoy the sites and sounds around them while touring overseas. Kyle mentioned some earlier days on tour with past members who didn’t fit the vision and exploration of the bands vision. Taking the gratitude and soaking in the fact you’re in Ireland or Poland instead of a cubical working 9-5 and how important it is to travel and see things around the world.

After the bands European tour, they return for a North American Tour starting November 22nd and will return to Europe with Krisiun and Gruesome in March 2020. For more information on upcoming tour dates and to purchase tickets, visit the band's Facebook HERE.

 For more information about Vitriol please visit:


Merch Store




Vulture Picks:

These songs are heard on the TRS podcast this week.

1.       Fire From The Gods- Right Now: This song is the first single from the bands second album American Sun on November 1st. You can hear my interview with the bands lead singe AJ on TRS The band will be hitting the road with Five Finger Death Punch this fall.


2.       Heaven The Axe- Good Things Come To Those Who Hate: The band from Australia had a massive run from 2007 until about 2016. The band has not released anything new since that time but as the song says good things come to those who hate.


3.       Incite-Human Cancer feat. Kirk Windstein: INCITE’s fifth album, Built To Destroy, hit the streets this past January, 25th of this year via MinusHead Records. Built to Destroy is a visceral, urgent, voracious distillation of modern metal with reverence for the past, and boasts a progressed, matured sound for INCITE. Incite is hitting the road with Soulfly this fall. You can hear my interview with Richie on TRS

Concert Photos:

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