Revelator Show 284:Watch Me Breathe

Revelator Show 284:Watch Me Breathe

On this episode of The Revelator Show podcast, I welcome music guests Watch Me Breathe and music from former guests Dorothy, Diamante, and Taco Mouth.

You Tube: Matt James from Blacktop Mojo & John Strickland from Lullwater interview:


This week’s Guests:

Watch Me Breathe:

Jake Ward from the band Watch Me Breathe joins me on TRS podcast to talk about the band & their latest single “Feeling Alright”. The band is set to release a new album later this summer.

Jake, and I talk about earthquakes, playing in a band with his brother, terrible auditions, recording the video for Feeling Alright, and the bands future touring plans.

Jake Ward formed the band in 2017 purely out of frustration. “As a solo artist, I just got fed up with trying to write music only to please other people. Watch Me Breathe is really an experiment that says: what would I write if nobody else was listening?” The results of that experiment have been surprising. In the short time since the release of their debut LP, The Lighter Side of Darkness. We will hear the bands latest single “Feeling Alright”

For more information about Watch Me Breathe please visit:


Vulture Picks:

These songs are heard on the TRS podcast this week

1.       Dorothy: Dorothy has appeared on the TRS podcast two times. She is currently prepping for her fall headlining tour with Diamante. Dorothy spent the summer working on new music for her follow up of “28 Days In The Valley”. We will be playing a deep track “Dark Nights” from her first album.

2.       Diamante: Diamante who has rely grabbed the rock world by its leather jacket in recent years with her sexy, vivacious, and unapologetic power rock sound. She is the direct support for Dorothy on this falls tour. On this episode of TRS we will rock out with her hit single “Coming In Hot”

3.       Taco Mouth: Taco Mouth has rapidly become one of Nashville’s break out punk bands in a town loaded with stellar bands. The band’s debut album A Deafening Silence provides a lot of angst, and hard driving riffs, groves, and political anthems. This week we stand up and resist with Taco Mouths single “Fighting For Today”


Concert Photos:

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