Revelator Show 280: Wilson

Revelator Show 280: Wilson

On this episode of The Revelator Show, I welcome music guests Chad Nicefield the singer from the Detroit, Michigan, and the lead singer for the band who bring the most fuckery one band could bring and that my friends Wilson!

Chad who really wanted to set the tone with a lead off FUCK!  Hey, I would say fuck too if I had to do an interview before I got my frozen java drink.

Wilson had just recently finished their spring run with Steel Panther. The tour kicked off in Nashville and well, if you’re on tour with Steel Panther you’ve got to inquire about the stories outside of the music. Chad had talked about the start of this tour in which saw its headliner Steel Panther’s flights get cancelled in Oklahoma. In short it was a hectic day.

Chad had a really great story about he and his bass player getting hit with a can of beer while performing in music city about halfway through the set. When the ban had awakened the next day the guy who threw the beer at them had insulted and attacked the band because of musical style. Chad in return posted the guys drunken hate filled messages on his social media pages thanking the guy for buying him a beer.

Chad and I talk about how people who attend Steel Panther shows but seem to miss the humor in their songs and really find themselves saying how serious they take their metal music. It should also be stated that Chad and I speak very highly of the guys from Steel Panther. They are an outstanding live band and you’d be hard pressed to find a better rock show to attend this summer.

The band has been touring relentlessly since the bands Tasty Nasty release in spring of 2018. Chad and I discuss how the bands musical evolution might have turned away some fans. Creating any reaction is in true form of art as an artist and Chad Nicefield & Wilson are set to continue to their next musical step when the time is right. Chad said he and the band are writing but as of now its tour, tour and tour. This summer Wilson is hitting the road with Through Fire, Stitched Up Heart and Like A Storm. All these bands have also appeared on the TRS podcast.

Chad Nicefield has been on the show before and was a legit baller when he wrote this stellar album review on Clutch’s Psychic Warfare.

Wilson Photos from the Nashville show with Steel Panther:

Wilsons covering Billy Squires: The Stroke

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