Revelator Show 276: HER

Revelator Show 276: HER

On this episode of The Revelator Show I’m welcome music guest Monique from the band  HER.


Monique and I discuss her new album Black & White and her approach to writing and recording the new album. She talks about not over thinking the album, having friend over, a few cocktails and go.

Monique talks about playing the new songs overseas and testing the new songs in front of a crowd. Even though the band has released their new album Black & White, HER is still working on and recording new material. Monique shares some of her favorite tracks from the new album including the single “Break Me” that the band has a video out for now.

Monique and I talk about social media hype and click bate that misleads people to get views or visits to their site or band. Tricking your fans or insulting the people who support you is never a good look.

HER, has plans to play overseas again and play some festivals in 2019.

Slow death and playing cover songs including a moment where HER, soul died by playing “I Love Rock’N’Roll” one last time. What rhymes with rock, Hmm… Yes, let your mind go there.

You can also view Dwayne Atlas painting HER lips on stage at the Hi-Watt in Nashville a few weeks back.

For more information about HER please visit:

The photos below were taken in April of 2019 at the Hi-Watt in Nashville, TN. at the HER “Black & White” album release show.

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