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Revelator Show 252: Shim!

Revelator Show 252: Shim!

On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guests Shimon Moore former Sick Puppies singer. This week in TRS History features music from Finger Eleven, 3 Pill Morning, and Hogan’s Goat. I’ll also cover recent concerts, the top movies at the box office, headlines, and much more.

This week’s blog section features photos & reviews of Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Julien- KBeasto Blanco, and The Pixies.

Shimon Moore:

This week in Revelator History:

This week I’ll look back at a few Revelator shows starting with Revelator #124 featuring guest interviewer Hella Dead former keyboard player from The Dead Deads. Hella sat down with long time guitarist Rick Jacket about the bands last album release “Five Crooked Lines.” On this Episode of the TRS podcast we will hear the bands single Wolves and Doors from said album. The band has been playing a few one off & festival shows, but as of now no statements have been made about working on new material.

This week in TRS history features a band I’m a huge fan of and that’s 3 Pill Morning. This episode of Revelator 175 is not the first appearance   of the band and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The guys form 3PM have taken an extended break to enjoy life and family but are currently working on new material. When they release new music you can bet 3PM will be back on the TRS Podcast.

On this episode you’ll hear the bands hit single “Electric Chair"

The last show we’ll be taking a look at this week is from Revelator #219 featuring one of the most underappreciated bands in the Nashville rock and metal scene. Hogan’s Goat, Their  self titled debut album offers a lot to like including this banger "Shit Kicker"

The guys having been touring the region tirelessly, they’ve been crafting a seismic shift of gritty live performances and visually stunning videos. Hogan’s Goat is the cure if you’re looking for something new and fresh for your ears.


Concert Photos

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