Revelator Show 242: Into The Great Divide

Revelator Show 242: Into The Great Divide

On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guest Into The Great Divide. This week in Revelator history features music from Super Snake, Elephant & Emperors, One Eyed Doll, and EQO. I’ll also cover the top movies, my neighbors and I'm closing the show with a clip from my guest spot on  The Beaucephus Broadcast podcast sharing my favorite WrestleMania memories.

This week’s blog section features photos of former TRS guest Red Sun Rising. This gallery of photos & live review is from their headlining Nashville show at the Cowan.

Red Sun Rising is currently on their first ever headlining tour in support of their new album Thread. The latest guest writer album review features the RSR album “Thread”. Written by Jonny Ross from Small Town Titans was kind enough to take some time to listen and write a review.

This week’s guests:

Into The Great Divide:

 Zack Zalon the founder and master mind behind the instrumental progressive band Into the Great Divide joins me on Revelator show #242 to talk about the bands self titled debut album.

Zack and I cover a wide range of topics from the inner workings behind the albums music and narrated chapters, introducing the songs , the process on how those messages helped translate  the songs into these epic pieces of music. The Into The Great Divide’s first album provides a rich and meaningful connection into human emotion and reflection.

Zack also talks about working with Dream Theaters Mike Mangini and produced by Rick Chycki. "Each track is actually a chapter following a narrative, and each reflects that part of the story. A narrator guides this journey. I felt like this was an opportunity to do something new and tell a tale inside of music differently than what had been done before. I wouldn’t compromise on the kind of music I enjoy; I’d just change the way we present it, so that it connects with people on a more fundamental level."

Zack say that the likely hood of a live tour or one off is unlikely because of scheduling he does plan on releasing more music

On this episode you’ll hear you’ll hear Chapter 8: A new Prospective from the debut album.

For more information about Into the Great Divide please visit:



This week in Revelator History:

This week I’ll look back at last year’s Revelator Show #205 that features two really good independent artist Super Snake and Elephants & Emperors. You’ll hear cuts form both bands.

On Revelator Show #158 TRS features the lovely Daisy Dead from The Dead Deads as a guest interviewer. Daisy would interview the Texas based duo One Eyed Doll. On this episode you’ll hear the band’s latest single Amnesia.

Stepping back nearly three full years since this TRS episode #106, this show features adult film star Tia Cyrus. It also begs the question why have I not continued to feature adult film stars on the show.

This episode also features another independent band called EQO from Atlanta. You’ll hear their first ever single titled “Flow”.

Concert Photos

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