Revelator Show 241: Pardon Me, Jager Shots Anyone?

Revelator Show 241: Pardon Me, Jager Shots Anyone?

On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guest City Of The Weak. This week in Revelator history features music from James Durbin, Dead Girls Academy, Hunter Valentine, Seek Irony and Lionize. I’ll also cover the top movies, March Madness, concerts and much more.

This week’s blog section features photos of two former guests Otherwise & Wayland putting on a Rock’N’Roll showcase at their Saint Paddies Day bash. The whiskey was flowing and the rock music was filthy! Cheers!

This week’s guests:

City of The Weak:

Stef the singer for the City of The Weak joins be for her second appearance on the TRS podcast. This time on Revelator 241 Stef and I talk about her bands long hard road to completing their new album set for summer 2018. We also talk about touring, writing music, working day jobs and shots of Jager with the Butcher Babies.

City of The Weak in the mean time decided to take on a really challenging cover song, the band selected Incubus’s “Pardon Me”. Stef talks about why she and the band selected this song and the elimination process.

City of The Weak are hitting the road again this spring on the Turn it To 11 Tour that include a spot at this year’s Rocklahoma.

 This week in Revelator History:

This week I’ll look back at two different Revelator shows starting with a show from 2017. The Revelator Show #204 features former American Idol contestant and new lead singer for Quit Riot James Durbin. James, also has another band called map to the Hollywood scars featuring many different musicians including members of G’N’R. to lead this block of music we will hear the bands first single “Till Death”

On Revelator Show #157 TRS featured Michael Vampire and his new side project Vampires Everywhere. On this episode Michael has a new band called “Dead Girls Academy”. You’ll hear the bands first single titled “I’ll Find A Way

Also featured on TRS #157 I spoke with one of the founders of Hunter Valentine on their farewell tour. On this episode you’ll hear the bands single “Black Out Nights

As I continue to dig deep into the Revelator catalog lets step back three years to TRS episode #104 and talk about the Austin, Texas based band Seek Irony and their innovative album Tech & Roll. The band is still touring and playing shows. On this episode you’ll hear a cut from their full length debut album “Tech & Roll”. Let’s take a moment to discover the “Devil In Me”.

Speaking of digging into the archives, let’s go all the way back to the days for this week in TRS to TRS episode #51 featuring the first band ever signed by Clutch and their Weathermaker label Lionize

Concert Photos

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