Revelator Show 226: Falling Through Yoke

Revelator Show 226: Falling Through Yoke

On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guest Falling Through April and Yoke Lore.  This week in Revelator history features music from former guests Miss May I, Conquer Divide, Raveneye, and The Howling Tongues. I’ll also cover the NFL, NBA, and the top movies at the box office and much more.

This week’s blog section includes concert photos of this week’s guest Gemini Syndrome, along with photos of Nothing More, Hell or High Water, and Less Than Jake.

Look for full photo gallery of All That Remains, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and Chris Jerchio and his band Fozzy.

This week’s guest album reviewer is James The Juke Wilson.

The Juke loves spreading the word about unsigned & independent music. Juke also writes music reviews for @IndieBandGuru & @AppetizerRadio.

You can check out his review of the new Wayland album here:

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This week in Revelator History:

This week I’ll look back at three different Revelator shows starting with Revelator episode #83 features two artist with heavy presence. Miss May I and Conquer Divide. You’ll hear cuts from both bands. Starting with Miss May I’s single “Echoes” and Conquer Divides first ever single “

On Revelator episode #135  we look back at a band I’m a huge fan of and that’s Raveneye from the UK. This was the bands first ever interview in the USA. You’ll hear one of my favorite tracks from them titled” “

 The last show we will visit this week is Revelator Show #185 with an up and coming band form Atlanta Ga. Called the Howling Tongues. Crank it up and pour a nice glass of your favorite red. Its raw power in a red dress!

This week’s guests:

Falling Through April:

Yoke Lore:

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