Revelator Show 200: SOEN This is 200 Irata

Revelator Show 200: SOEN This is 200 Irata

On the 200th Revelator episode I welcome musical guests SOEN and Irata. I welcome back Producer Mike for a special cameo. I’ll also cover the top movies and headlines. You’ll also hear artist from some of the milestone shows from past Revelator shows featuring music from Taproot, The Nearly Deads, Alex Ryder, Adelitas Way and many more.

You can now catch the Revelator show rebroadcasted on every Thursday night at 8PM EST.

This week in Revelator History: I look back at some milestone shows from past Revelator shows starting with Revelator #1 Table Tennis Trash Talk featuring singer song writer Alex Ryder. Alex has a great story and she is also a member of the Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

Then we fast forward to Revelator Show #25 Fight of Flight at The Black Lodge featuring Dan Wengren from Disturbed and The band Black Lodge.

I never thought we would reach 50 shows let alone have so many great guests in a short time but Revelator #50 we would feature one of the biggest supporters we would ever have and that person would be Mike DeWolf from Taproot who appears on Revelator #50 Fifty Shades of Revelator. This show would also feature Mindset Evolution, Alex Ryder, and David Martinez a singer song writer from Texas. A show I believe is one of the biggest milestones in the shows brief history.

Old Revelator Logo

Old Revelator Logo

After a really great run on the OMNES.TV network the Revelator Show would evolve into a larger media outlet expanding not only into conducting interviews but also concert reviews, photos, and guest writer album reviews.

 After the first month of shows on many of those shows being a real trial and error approach into Revelator #75 Alive, Dead and New Medicine featuring long time local music supporter TJ from the Nearly Deads and Jake Meds from New Medicine. All though at the time I did not know it would be near the end of New Medicines time as a band.

Revelator #100 Words for 100 please… featuring Rick Dejesus from Adelitas Way

Podcasting is a tricky and rather new expanding medium and sometimes you have to Revel The Mob at Midnight much like Revelator #150 featuring Blacky Death Proof from the Midnight Mob and DJ from Revel 9. Two east coast rockers!

Like I’ve said many times over I’d like to thank those who have taken the time to listen and share the Revelator post. There are so many bands and people to thank. There are way too many to list.

Here is a complete list of people who’ve been a part of the 200 shows making up what I believe is the most diverse, unique and comprehensive list of artist spanning the globe of the musical landscape of the last 4 years.

Full Twitter guests list for The Revelator Podcast

This week's guests:



The Lava Dolls who were guests on Revelator 196 wrote a really killer review on last week’s guest The Wild.

Essential End drummer Brady Hearn reviewing the new Ep from Shallow Side titled “One

Concert Photos

This week will feature some of my favorite concert photo and reviews. I feel I’ve excelled as a photographer and as a descriptive writer.  Below are my top 200 shows… I’m kidding here are the top 8 concert photos & concert reviews

1. Elvis Costello

2. Rob Zombie

3. Slayer

4. Prophets of Rage

5. Clutch

6. Def Leppard

7. 311

8.  Drop Kick Murphy’s

Bonus show: The Dead Deads


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