Revelator Show: The Eclectic Sessions Volume VI

Revelator Show: The Eclectic Sessions Volume VI

This week’s Revelator Show features some of our favorite guest from the last six months of Revelator Shows. I’ve been doing the Eclectic Sessions for some time and enjoy featuring past guest whom have been supportive of the Revelator show. That is not to say others have not been.

The Eclectic Sessions allow for an hour of music and highlights past shows, interviews and album reviews done by many of these artists. It’s a very layered and deep composition into the many guest featured on the site overall. Putting together this show during this time of year is really rewarding for me and I hope for the listener as well. It offers a unique perspective of past guest and allows for new and long time listeners to discover an artist they may have missed.

As 2015 comes to a close I’ll be putting together another music show Revelator Show in Review. I’ll also be adding a photo gallery of my favorite 15 photos from this past year.

I want to thank my family, friends, and listeners for the ongoing support. I’d like to thank the countless musicians, artist, writers, PR firms, records labels and all the awesome concert goers I’ve met this year. Here to a great 2016!

1.     Raven Eye- Let’s get it started-  Revelator # 135

2.     Gemini Syndrome –Eternity- Revelator #135 Aaron Nordstrom wrote a review on the band Wilson’s new album “Right To Rise

3.     Wilson- Right To Rise- Revelator #127 Chad Nicefield from Wilson did a review on the new Clutch album “Psychic Warfare” I also wrote a live show review on Clutch when they played in Nashville this October.

4.    Adakain- Hey Girl- Revelator #139

5.      Le Butchettes – Shave The Pride- Revelator #133 

6.     The Fox & The Hounds - How The Other Half Lives Revelator #142

7.     Enola Fall - Surrender- Revelator #139

8.     The Glorious Sons - Lighting-  Revelator #135

You can download The Glorious Sons new single The Last Good Thing for free.

9.     Red Sun Rising - Imitation- Revelator #130 & #143 You can also read review of Red Sun Risings album “Polyester Zeal” by Dane Lopez from the band First Decree

10.  Islander- Coconut Dracula- Revelator #121

11.    Quor - Lets Rise- Revelator #132 You can also read review Brian did on new RavenEye EP Break Out 

12.  Puscifer - Remedy- Revelator #137 The album “Money Shot” was reviewed by Kendel Lester from The Fox & The Hounds.

13.  Failure - Hot Traveler- Revelator #122 Check out the amazing review of Failures new album “The Heart is A Monster” by Meta Dead from the Dead Deads

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