Revelator Show 132: The QUOR Vendetta

On this episode of Revelator I welcome special music guest Lullwater and QUOR. This week’s Revelator History artist includes music by Red Fang & One Eyed Doll.

Upcoming guest

All that Remains, Wilson, Le Butcherettes, Gemini Syndrome, Glorious Sons, Nothing More and many others.

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John Strickland the lead vocalist from Lullwater joins me for his second guest spot on Revelator to discuss the bands upcoming tour with past guest Butcher Babies & Amaranthe starting this October 29th in Atlanta.

John also talks about the band’s new album set for release very soon. You can get an exclusive listen to a track off the new album titled Holy Water. Click play and rock out! The power of Lullwater compels you.

On this episode you’ll hear another cut off the upcoming album titled Vendetta Black featuring Ryan White. You can obtain this single as a free download Here

John is one one of the coolest guys I've had the pleasure to talk with. John and the guys from Lullwater since there first appearance on Revelator #81 have been really supportive of the the and I'm excited to see how high the ceiling is for Lullwater. 


Brian Corn one of the founders of the band QUOR joins me to discuss the bands new LP release titled “Human Paradigm". Brian and I had a great talk about the bands early beginnings, recording the new LP and the best places to find bartenders who pour heavy shots like th eone in their new video for "Let's Rise". You'll also get a chance to hear the single on this show along with the LP title track "Human Paradigm".

Hailing from San Diego, CA, Quor was formed in 2011 by Brian Corn and Doug Smith.   Originally calling themselves We Are Going To Be Awesome, the name changed to Quor after Corn saw a giant liquor store sign glowing in the distance while driving down the PCH on a foggy night.  “The L and I were out and the sign read QUOR” states Corn.  “I had to stop and photograph the sign.  The band name was changed to QUOR as we wanted a simple unique name.  The name QUOR poked at the current state of rock labeling everything into ‘core’ genre's (hardcore, mathcore, metalcore, etc etc.) and we also avoided the trends in band naming that make every band sound the same.”

In honor of the original band name, their first EP released in 2013 was titled "We Are Going To Be Awesome”.  The video for the first single from the EP entitled “Let’s Rise” achieved an impressive number of views and won an award of merit from the internationally acclaimed indieFEST film festival.

The “QUORalition” grew dramatically in 2014.  Significant growth in the Western United States supported two multi-state tours reaching literally from one end of the country to the other.  The band also reached abroad with successful acoustic “folk edge” tours through both Europe and Japan. 2015 ushers in a full band tour of Europe scheduled for the fall.

Quor’s new LP entitled “Human Paradigm” is set for release on Sept 10th 2015. The deluxe edition is a 9 track LP combining two EP's to maintain the integrity of the works as a whole.  The physical release will be a "two CD/EP snack pack" containing a broader art profile for physical album collectors.  The title track "Human Paradigm" was recorded in one weekend at Swagger Studios in Los Angeles, CA with engineer Dan Whittemore.  Dan invited the band to stay and "campout" at the studio during a challenge to complete a full song over a weekend.  The band took camping literally and posted up tents and outdoor gear in the rehearsal room of the studio.  Every morning was an 8:00 am wake up call of blaring mixes and reamped guitar amps.  It was glorious.  The remaining tracks were recorded at the famed Signature Sound Studios in San Diego, CA with engineer Christian Cummings.  The tracks are the most developed and personal pieces completed by the band.  They summarize a history and dedication to the craft no matter what the universe sends its way.

This Week in Revelator History:

This week I look back to Revelator #80 featuring Red Fang & One Eyed Doll. Both bands are currently touring in support of their latest releases. On this episode you’ll hear Red Fang single “No Hope”.

You’ll also hear the single “Be My Friend” from One Eyed Doll committed album. The band is currently on tour this fall.

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