Revelator Show 129: The First Krash Club

Revelator Show 129: The First Krash Club

On this episode of Revelator I welcome special music guest First Decree, Krash Karma and Leaders in The Club House. This week’s Revelator History artist includes music by The Chimpz.

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I’ve had some really great artist reviews done in the last few weeks. You can read reviews by CJ Pierce from Drowning Pool, Brian Fair from Shadows Fall, Meta Dead from The Dead Deads and Jordan from Everlit. You can read them all at link below.

Album Review

Look for more album reviews coming soon.

I hope to have more artists reviewing more albums as time goes on. I’m very excited to see where this can go.

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All that Remains, Wilson, Le Butcherettes, Red Sun Rising, Bridge To Grace and many others

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The Warped tour closed out this past August  but if you’re still wanting to hear some cool interviews and music check out the warped tour section here of Warped Tour Coverage. You’ll see photos, reviews, and hear interviews from some great up and coming bands in the music industry.

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First Decree

Dane makes his second appearance since Revelator #102 to discuss the band’s new album & tour. The band is working on a new video in Chicago for their new single ‘Stop” that Dane could not give too much away about the video but the general concept of the video. Sticking it to the man is always a good way to say & speak your mind vocally and visually. Look for new video release coming soon

Dane and I talk also discuss touring and the drunk people at the merch table.  WWE style stone cold stunner through the bands merch table. Dane also talks about the bands growth musically and professionally since the first EP “Set in Stone”

Make sure to check out First Decree on tour this year and look for more new music from the band in 2016.

Krash Karma

On of the wildest bands I’ve ever seen live. The krash and the Karma! I named one of their on stage moves the Krash Karma Killer Harp.

The band is set to release their new album titled “Paint the Devil” this Oct. 16th. You’ll get an exclusive sneak peak to a song “Sacrifice” from the album. The band is filming a video for it now.

Spud Davenport & Charlie Recksieck make up the band from LA called Leaders in The Club House. Spud Davenport and Charlie Recksieck are contemporaries in the San Diego singer/songwriter scene who both share a desire for music (and rock) to be fun.  Leaders In The Clubhouse (LITC) are tired of everybody with an acoustic guitar depressing us with their journal entries.  Both have had individual success with other bands and are ASCAP songwriters with music placed in TV shows, independent movies and a major studio film.

Spud joined me on this show to discuss the band’s new album “Won” and the single “She Gets Loud”. I think a good majority of men have found this type of woman at least once in their life. The good, the bad and ones who get loud.

Spud and I share some fun stories and some great back ground info into his life as a long time song writer.

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This week in Revelator History:

I look back to Revelator #76 featuring The Chimpz. The guys continue to tour. On this episode you’ll hear their hit single “California”

You got to stay gritty Chimpz!

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