Revelator Show 128: Beautiful Night & The Argent Bodies

Revelator Show 128: Beautiful Night & The Argent Bodies

On this episode of Revelator I welcome special music guest Night Argent and Beautiful Bodies. This week’s Revelator History artist include music by Black Lodge & Fight or Flight featuring Mike Wengen.

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Beautiful Bodies

I had the chance to talk with Thomas Becker from Beautiful Bodies a band based out of Kansas City. Thomas and I discuss the band’s debut album “Battles” and their recent run on this year’s Warped Tour.

Thomas and I also get into the bands growing notoriety for their onstage performances and him still practicing law while on tour. This provided some great conversation on civil rights and equality.

Thomas & the band have a great vision and presence on where and how “Beautiful Bodies” will grow and develop. The band has a busy touring schedule that includes some European dates in 2016.

For Beautiful Bodies, it all ultimately comes down to one thing: Energy. The Kansas City band’s unapologetically loud-and-hooky music and their fabulously chaotic live shows stem directly from an all-consuming desire to tap into the cosmic power grid, and channel it full-force to the world at large.

When Alicia Solombrino and Thomas Becker first crossed paths five years ago, making music together was the furthest thing from either of their minds. Solombrino was busy singing in her own band, playing keyboards in a self-described “art rock project” with bassist Luis Arana; Becker, a former member of The Get Up Kids and Gratitude and a graduate of Harvard Law School, had chucked his musical aspirations in favor of human rights law — at the time, he was living in Bolivia and suing the country’s former president for human rights violations. But Solombrino’s attractive, high-energy presence and total lack of inhibition (“I don’t give a shit about what anybody else thinks,” she says cheerfully) immediately convinced Becker that he’d found his artistic soul mate.

Night Argent

Shane Santannathe keyboard player for Night Argent talks with me about the bands warped tour dates and the release of their latest EP. On this episode you’ll hear the newest single “Comet” that the band currently working on a video for.

Shane and I also talk about the bands unique name and early beginnings in Washington state. We also get into some football talk, working on new music, touring, and musical influences.

NIGHT ARGENT is an electrifying anthemic rock band that combines the infectious melodies of a Top-40 Pop act with the high-energy live performance of a well-traveled rock powerhouse. Chase Manhattan (lead vocals), Jeff Stachofsky (guitar), Shane Santanna (keys), Evan Taylor (bass), and Zac Burrell (drums) are the five individuals who give Night Argent their truly dynamic, breakthrough sound.

Having spent the majority of their time on the road playing Universities and festivals, Night Argent has opened up for Imagine Dragons, and played alongside Andy Grammar, Parachute, The Devil Wears Prada, Lindsey Sterling, and more. They are currently an official VAN'S Warped Tour 2015 band. In Jan. 2015, out of 15,000 bands entered, Night Argent took home the grand prize at the Ernie Ball International Battle of the Bands finals in Hollywood, CA.

This week in Revelator History

This week we look back at Revelator #25 featuring Johnny Royal from The Black Lodge & Mike Wengren from Disturbed other band Fight or Flight.

On this episode you’ll hear songs from each band

Black Lodge- Never Clean

Fight or Flight- First of The Last

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