The Eclectic Sessions: Volume V

The Eclectic Sessions volume V featuring some of my favorite guest who’ve appeared on Revelator  in the last 6 month like Nothing More, P.O.D, The Dead Deads, 10 years, coal chamber, Butcher babies, Diamante and more.

This is now the 5th installment of The Eclectic sessions. The show features guest who’ve appeared on Revelator in the 6 months.

This one is extra special because it marks the birthday of The very first post on the site was The Eclectic Sessions volume III

You can listen to Eclectic Sessions volume IIII

Below is a list of the bands you’ll hear on this broadcast along with links to shows they appeared on.

Thank you for listening and here’s to a great year on Revelator and I hope very many more!

The Dead Deads:  Revelator:

Romantic Rebel: Revelator:

Seek Irony: Revelator:

Diamante: Revelator:

Coal Chamber: Revelator:

Like Monroe: Revelator:

Butcher Babies Revelator:

Lucid Fly: Revelator:

The Whereabouts: Revelator:

The Black Delta Movement: Revelator:

Little Foot Long Foot: Revelator:

Jasmine Cain: Revelator:

Local H: Revelator:

10 Years: Revelator:

Nothing More: Revelator:

Everlit: Revelator:

From Ashes To New: Revelator:

P.O.D: Revelator:

Revelator Show 121: Islander

Chapter 1: The Luscious Nikki Diaries