Revelator Show 111: Kiss Me Deadly Temperance Part I & II

This is an extended 2 hour Revelator show featuring music guest Sabaton, Temperance Movement, Kiss Me Deadly and Asheira (appearing in reverse order on the broadcast.)

This week in Revelator History features music by Glamour of the Kill and Avatar. I’ll also talk about past photo shoots, top movies and more.

This week’s Revelator blog features concert photo’s from The Used, Chevelle, The Nearly Dead’s and Upon A Burning Body. I put together a photo gallery of my favorite shots from these shows.

Kiss Me Deadly:

Jen Poland from Kiss Me Deadly joins me to talk about the band’s new album “What You Do in the Dark”. Jen also shares some great info regarding the bands plan to release unique videos for each song off the 10 song LP.  Jen shares some great stories about the bands origins and name change to Kiss Me Deadly along with one of her favorite get away spots high up on the roof of her downtown casa in Cleveland.

I did ask Jen what she does in the dark but I’ll leave it up to your imagination. On this episode of Revelator you’ll hear two cuts off the latest album starting with “Shallow Focus” and a favorite of mine “Sherry Hides the Rum” Jen shares a really outstanding story about how “Sherry Hides the Rum” come to be.

Cleveland, OH: Indie Pop trio Kiss Me Deadly released their debut album What You Do in the Dark on Friday May 1, 2015 via Cleveland-based Kingswood Records/CPI Distribution.

Championed by Cool Cleveland and the city’s cultural icon, The Plain Dealer, Kiss Me Deadly defy gravity with their assured debut. Kingswood President Todd Kwait recalls his first kiss, “I put the demo CD in my car stereo, and listened to it over and over and over again. And then I sat in the car for a little bit and listened to it more and then brought it in and played it for my seventeen year old daughter and asked, 'What do you think?' and she was like, 'I love it. I would buy it,” and that was the tipping point."

Produced by the band along with Chris Keffer, the 10-song treatise (plus two bonus tracks) is an exploration of groove-infused film noir pop. Imagine mellifluous muscle lassoing a jangly wave of moody surfer rock and you’re on your way to the precipice of visceral melodies that keep you company as they kiss you deadly.

On the expertly crafted and meticulously produced WYDITD, “Lady Killers” slithers along to deliver a subtle wallop, “Shallow Focus” elicits sonic histrionics and “P$" (pronounced "P Money") craftily shakes the rafter with anthemia lather. Elsewhere “Stalemate" and “Drone” swoop down, leading you on a nefarious safari. Shadow the whole affair with the bustling guitar-driven expedition of “Agent” and the haunting voodoo groove of vocalist Madelyn Hayes transmogrifying Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “I Put A Spell On You,” and the resultant mood is akin to a late night hairpin spin in a Spruce Deuce coupe.

In addition to issuing What You Do digitally, on CD and vinyl, the band will utilize their collective film production expertise to create a 38-minute story arc to match the length of the album. Broken into ten serialized episodes, the initial clip will premiere May 15, with subsequent episodes of this groundbreaking adventure of sight and sound to premiere at regular intervals thereafter.

Originally formed 4 years ago by singer/mandolinist Jen Poland, as The Poland Invasion, the visionary triumvirate, which also features bassist/guitarist Evan Lieberman and Hayes on drums/percussion, reinvented itself as Kiss Me Deadly in 2012. The name is a nod to a 1953 pulp detective mystery novel by Mickey Spillane and the classic film noir drama, directed by Robert Aldrich, which was called "a film designed to ruin young viewers” by the Kefauver Commission, stalwart defenders of America’s virtue. The film’s infamous “suitcase” scene inspired Quentin Tarantino to pay homage in Pulp Fiction.

On the touring front, the group received rousing ovations at this year’s renowned Folk Alliance International Conference, and will soon announce a hometown record release show with a string of East coast/Northeast/Canadian dates to follow.

In the interim, pucker up for pecks of blood-red reverence as the supreme beings of osculation brandish their sophisticated stereophonic pomp with themes that gleam in the dark and bask in the illumination of resplendent art.


I always enjoying meeting new artist and talking with Ash was really one of those moment that makes doing the Revelator show worth doing.  Ash is not only a very attractive woman but as great as her look may be her musical talent and humble nature as a person is what really makes her launch off at you.

On this episode you’ll hear two of her most current singles “Sugar” that Ash talks about recording in a house in Franklin, Tn. If that’s not sweet enough for you you’ll also hear first ever single “Riding In Cars” to close the interview out.

I found it really intriguing to know that Ash has a prospering acting career, appearing in several movies and a brief guest spot on the hit show Nashville. You can view her IMBD

Asheira was up for best Alternative group of the year at this year Indieville awards show. So I got her to practice her acceptance speech in case she wins it.

Asheira has put together a great foundation to be a really impact artist in a lot of categories. I’m excited for what could be in store for her coming for the rest of 2015 and beyond.


From performing to a room full of stuffed animals at age 4, to packed venues in New York, Austin and Nashville at age 18 Asheira has been captivating crowds with her high energy performance, dance and song writing since as far back as she can remember.

The Nashville based songstress grew up as a military brat, never staying in one place for long, picking up piano at age 4, at which time music became a constant in her life, from which point she knew that music was her path and calling.

Influenced by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, as well as the inspiration she gained from local artists in the myriad places she has called home, Asheira is forever refining her craft. With a catalogue of 500 songs, it just took bringing together the right band of equally skilled and dedicated musicians and the rest came near naturally. She is preparing to release her debut album in early 2015.

Single Riding in Cars has already been picked up for rotation this September on local radio in Nashville and featured in film Race with the Devil.

Asheira has a full slate ahead of her including live performances throughout Nashville and beyond, several singles, as well as her work as an actress and stage performer.

Temperance Movement:

Phil Campbell the lead vocalist of Temperance Movement talks about the bands fast rise and their first tour through the USA. Phil also talks about their shows with the Rolling Stones and upcoming shows.

You will hear two songs on this episode, the first being the bands single “Take It Back” and “Only A Friend” a track Phil mentions about playing live on this tour.

I’d strongly suggest if you’re interested in finding out more about Temperance Movement to check out the bands tour diary here:


Par from Sabaton joins me to discuss the bands newest album “Hero’s” and the final run of their USA tour with Nightwish.

I had the pleasure of seeing Sabaton Monday night on May 11th and they 100% stole the show! Sabatons impact on the crowd unreal. I’ll have photos from their first ever Nashville show coming to the site in a few days.

Formed in Falun, Sweden in 1999, the band is best known for singing almost exclusively about historical wars & battles, a direction SABATON members decided to take on after watching the 1999 Academy Award-winning film Saving Private Ryan.  The band thoroughly researches their topics to ensure the songs paint accurate & objective portraits of the historical event they’re singing about, which are narrated from an omniscient point-of-view or in first-person as a soldier caught in the line of fire.  Like their home country of Sweden, SABATON aims to remain politically neutral in their role as musical war historians.

SABATON introduced themselves to North American audiences via special performances at Austin’s annual South By Southwest Festival in 2008 and Atlanta’s annual ProgPower Festival in 2009. The band’s maiden tour of the U.S. and Canada was as main support for German heavy metal legends ACCEPT in 2011. Fan response to their live show was so great that they returned five months later to headline their own tour & perform on the annual 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise.  Overseas, they shared stages with heavy metal heritage bands JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, and SCORPIONS, and then returned to North America once again to headline two tours supporting their 2012 Billboard-charting album Carolus Rex.

In 2013, SABATON toured Europe with IRON MAIDEN then opened for them again in California at 2013’s Battle of San Bernardino.  To respond to their rapidly growing fan base in the U.S. and Canada, SABATON returned to North America twice in 2014 with ICED EARTH and AMON AMARTH.

In June 2014, SABATON tripled their first-week U.S. sales numbers with the release of their seventh studio album, Heroes, catapulting them to their first appearance on the American Billboard Top 100 chart with a debut at #99. Heroes also held the #7 position on the Billboard Hard Rock/Metal chart and debuted at #105 on the Canadian Billboard Top 200 album chart and #11 on the Canadian Hard Rock/Metal chart. 

Made honorary citizens of Poland for their role in preserving the history of Polish resistance during World War II, elevatingthe human spirit has long been SABATON’s specialty and the masses have responded in-kind. Like the triumph of humanity they so frequently sing about, SABATON’s star is rapidly on the rise. 

This Week in Revelator History:

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Davey Richmond from Glamour Of The Kill

Johannes Eckerström from Avatar

 On this double feature you’ll hear to single from each band.

Glamour Of The Kill’s “Freak Like Me” and Avatar’s “Hail To The Apocalypse”

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