Revelator Show 104: Seeking Irony in The of Valley of Bones

On this episode I welcome music guest Full Devil Jacket & Seek Irony to the show.This week in Revelator History featuring Lionize and Fiction Reform. Hear all this and more happening now on Revelator.

This week in Revelator History:

Fiction Reform:

In one of the earliest and easily the most entertaining interviews in Revelator History Brown nut cookie ale, who wants a mint?  Fiction Reform was an ass kicking machine! I regret to say the band has since disbanded into a fiery crash that even a Malaysian airplane could not describe. Even with the bands tragic end they did create some kick ass music as you’ll hear a few cuts on the broadcast like “Hi-Fi Violence” and “Smoke & Whiskey”. Both of these songs are on the bands last album together “Take Your Truth”. Fiction Reform is worthy of a double shot in this week on Revelator History.


What can be said about Lionize? Lionize will steal your girl friend and eat your lunch. Strap on your Jet pack soundtrack!

I mean really one of the most unique and talented bands I had the pleasure to see live and interview. Chris Brooks joined me on Revelator #51 to talk about the bands then newest album ”Jetpack Soundtrack”  The guys have been touring, touring and more touring. Lionize was on last year’s Warped tour. They also toured with label mates Clutch and are co-head lining this spring with the Delta Saints.

Even with all of that the guys from Lionize recently released a full live album stream Live at the Belly up

Lionize can’t be describe in a few words but if you need, want crave a fresh sound you should start your search with Lionize, hip, groovy, soulful, heavy, sharp, and flat our impressive.




Full Devil Jacket:

I had the chance to catch up with Josh Brown from Full Devil Jacket to talk about the band highly anticipated new release “Valley Of Bones”. The band is out on tour with Drowning Pool in support of the albums March 31st release.  Josh was really easy t talk with on a wide range of topics from the bands early beginnings and the ups and downs along. Josh and I also talk about the albums cover art that Josh made himself. You can view his art work at

On this broadcast you’ll also hear the two newest singles from the band including the very first single “Valley Of Bones” and “The Moment”. When you preorder the band’s new album 'Valley of Bones' now and get the songs "The Moment” FULL DEVIL JACKET has wasted no time. The band will release VALLEY OF BONES on March 31, 2015 via eOne Music, their first full length in over a decade. Produced by Justin Rimer (12 Stones), it’s a victorious and impossible to ignore sophomore slab, simultaneously resurrecting and updating the band’s hard rock sound. Longtime fans will recognize plenty of signature elements, but this is the Full Devil Jacket of old on steroids.

When asked what went into the new effort, vocalist Josh Brown offers, “When we write music, we only write it if it’s real. I only sing it if I believe in it. II only write it if I’ve experienced it. When I listen to some rock n’ roll music today, I hear the same important sounding words as the bands I grew up listening to, but I don’t hear any conviction. Everything I write about, I’ve lived.”

Brown’s heroin overdose ended the Full Devil Jacket fans had come to know and love through hit singles like “Where Did You Go?” and “Now You Know” in 2002. FDJ was first discovered by producer Malcolm Springer (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul) then signed to Island/Def Jam under the watchful eye of Tom Zutaut, the A&R legend best known for his work with Motley Crue and signing Guns N’ Roses to Geffen.

Brown returned refreshed, reinvigorated and renewed as singer/songwriter for DAY OF FIRE, touring and playing shows with Sevendust, Papa Roach, Saving Able, Cold, Nonpoint as well as co-writing (and touring) with Daughtry. The band’s debut album was nominated for a Grammy and won Album Of The Year at the GMA Dove Awards in 2005, where the group was also nominated for New Artist Of The Year and Rock Song Of The Year. But after three successful records, Day Of Fire went on indefinite hiatus in 2010.

The gritty sludge of Down is a great reference point for Valley Of Bones, as well as the dark melody of the mighty Alice In Chains and Modern Rock accessibility of Stone Sour. There’s even some old school, throbbing hard rock grit and grime, particularly in songs like “Picturebox Voodoo,” a scathing indictment of the mainstream media and a pop culture that obscures designs toward the apocalypse. Full Devil Jacket is a band that had the world at their fingertips, lost it all, and now rises again.

“If I can share with people my struggle and my mistakes and tell them there is hope,” says Brown, “even when we stumble, we rise again. That’s what it’s all about.”& "Valley of Bones" instantly: 

Seek Irony:

Kfir the lead vocalist of Seek Irony joined me at the start of their SXSW week in Austin, Texas area that the band now calls home. Kfir talks to me about the band’s new album, upcoming video, and his early musical influences. Kfir shares a really great story about his brother Rom and himself and their early shows in Tel, Aviv as kids.

On this broadcast you’ll hear the bands first single off the Tech’N’Roll album “Devil in Me” and the newest single”Peel Me Away”.

Seek Irony arose out of the burgeoning music scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, the founders of the band, brothers Kfir and Rom Gov felt that it was time to take things to a whole new level and move the band to the United States.  The band had picked Austin “The Live Music Capital of the World”, to be their new home base in the US.

 After a few months of intense search, the band welcomed on board new members:  Austin’s local Grammy Nominated and Progressive Rock Hall of Fame guitar hero Alex Campbell, Bassist - Adam Donovan who had already worked as a light/sound tech with KMFDM and Mikael Oganes - Pianist, Keyboardist and Dj to give that electronica edge.  New members fell in love with Seek Irony’s original sound and immediately began touring all around Texas.          

 The album, titled “Tech N' Roll” was released on Tuesday, February 3rd.   The band plans to release three music videos DEVIL IN ME (February), PEEL ME AWAY (March) and RUNNING TOWARDS THE END OF THE WORLD (April).

 Music video is coming and first single DEVIL IN ME can be heard here ...



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