Saint Asonia album review by CJ Pierce the guitarist from Drowning Pool.

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I'd like to thank Ryan Hillier for the opportunity to listen and review Saint Ansonia.

I have to say I didn't know what to expect at first listening to the debut record from Saint Ansonia. With such an A list, super group of musicians from extremely talented bands, I wasn't sure which style they would lean towards. I got to be honest Saint Ansonia has their own original sound. Although there's no escaping the distinct tone of Adam Gontier's voice. The delivery of the vocals and the lyric content is a departure from Three Days Grace. Adam still has that powerful voice but with added texture and tonality totally fitting for this new project.

Another example of Saint Ansonia's original sound comes from Mike Mushok. Well known for low tuned growling yet melodic licks from Staind. You can totally hear Mike's playing style but in a higher tuning from what we're used to hearing from Mike's previous work. Guitar tones Sound killer. Also Mike has a couple of badass ripping leads on the record. Totally fitting for the songs and slamming.

Corey Lowery well know from just about every band out there. Might be easier to list who he hasn't played for or worked with in the past 15 plus years. Another truth here is I think Corey's bass guitar tone by far is the best compared to any other previous records he's worked on. You need to hit me up Corey and let me know what you used.

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Then, you have Rich Beddoe slamming on the drums; he’s such a great musician and showman. Well known from one of my favorite bands Finger 11. The drums are solid and tight. Rich provided tons of tasty fills and licks. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Rich perform these songs lives.

The record opens up jamming with "Better Place" it’s a great first single. The song totally fits in with today's Modern Rock. Followed by "Blow Me Wide Open", this song has a killer head groove with some cool Wha pedal up in it.  It’s definitely one of my favorites on the album. Then "Let Me Live My Life". I'm a fan of the effected opening and all the cool effects throughout. Next up a little slower tune”Even Though I Say". If this isn't on the single's list it should be. I could totally hear this on the radio. Back into another jam with "Fairytale" another killer song. This one is on my favorites list as well. Then it drops down a hair to a medium tempo jam "King of Nothing" it's got some cool lyrics in it. Next up "Waste My Time" this one is totally for the ladies, but fellas keep up. "Dying Slowly" out of all the tunes on the record I'd have to say this one will definitely satisfy any 3DG fans. It has that staple undeniable sound of Adam Gontier. Out of all the slower tunes on the record "Trying to Catch Up with the World" is one my favorite. I think it has a great mix and influence from all 4 musicians thus making it another standout original track from Saint Ansonia. Back into another cool Jammin tune "Happy Tragedy". Then ending with "Leaving Minnesota" which left me wanting to hear more songs!

Over all as a whole I have to say the tones of all the instruments sound killer. Everything sounds huge and clean. Saint Ansonia has great production, hats off to Adam, Mike, Corey, Rich and Johnny K. I'm pretty sure it'll be one of the bigger if not the biggest record to come out this year. Looking forward to seeing the live show!

CJ Pierce
Drowning Pool
As Above/So Below
RavensNest Studio

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