Red Sun Rising: "Polyester Zeal" album review by Dane Lopez from First Decree

Red Sun Rising: "Polyester Zeal" album review by Dane Lopez from First Decree

Red Sun Rising’s “Polyester Zeal” Review

 Push: The first RSR song on their album comes right at you from the get-go.  It has a Stone Temple Pilots-esque, pounding, up tempo feel to it.  The song Push instantly brings you a nostalgic, but new sound with the opening track.

Amnesia: This song has a catchy hook that will leave it stuck in your head for days. The song totally goes against the name of the song.  It has a good message resonating from one line, “life should be touched, not choked to death”.

The Otherside: This is currently their huge single from their album sitting at #2 on the rock charts.  Once you get to the first chorus you can see why.  It has a very Alice in Chains-y vibe to it, especially the chorus which is reminiscent of the AIC hit “Man in the Box”.

My Muse: Catchy hooks are very evident throughout the album.  This song churns out another hook that stays stuck in your head long after listening. 

Emotionless: This was always my favorite song to watch live while we were on tour with them.  In my opinion I could see this being their next huge single to release to radio.

Blister: This is a slower song on the album, but still intense in its own right.  Mike delivers with some awesome vocal power and it conveys the right amount of emotion which brings the listener inside the song.

Worlds Away: This is another solid song.  A bit of filler song in an album full of radio hits, but it still fits in nicely with the rest of the album.

Unnatural: Dynamic tempo changes spurred by the drums give this song a very cool feel.  They also throw in some different vocal effects into the song to make it one of the most unique songs on the album.

Awake: Right from the beginning of the song the huge heavy guitar riff pulls you right into the song.  The song conveys more Stone Temple Pilots vibes.  This song definitely showcases the band’s influences from 90’s grunge rock.

Bliss: The haunting acoustic guitar intro brings the tempo of the album down a bit.  It has a very folky vibe until the heavy guitar kicks in.  At that point you get some more in your face Red Sun Rising.  The cool guitar solo in the middle is very unique and keeps you pulled into the song.

Imitation: This was always their closer song live so it stays in its rightful place as the closer on the album.  It stays true to RSR form and closes out a solid album.  This up tempo song ends with listeners wanting more.  With that they leave you with this line, “If you’re not true to yourself, you are killing yourself”.

Closing Statements: This album introduces the genre of modern day grunge.  If you are a person who gravitates to the grunge music of the 90’s like Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, or Soundgarden then this is a new, fresh sounding band that incorporates the best of the 90’s.  They have created a sound that is both new and nostalgic at the same time.  Each song has its own vibe and feel, but are also pieces of the whole album that fit together nicely into a Polyester Zeal.  Long hair, plaid, and ripped up jeans are back in style in 2015 thanks to Red Sun Rising.


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