P.O.D. ‘The Awakening’ Album Review by Jordan Panfil the Guitarist from Everlit.

I’m going to start by saying I was excited for a new P.O.D. release already so to have Revelator give me the opportunity to review it is awesome.  I’ve been following P.O.D.since I was a kid. The music they were putting out with the Fundamental Elements of Southtown, Satellite, Payable of Death, and even their even earlier stuff like Snuff the Punk were big influences on the music I brought to the table as a kid in a high school band. With that said, yes, this review might be slightly biased since I’m already a fan but here’s the verdict . . . The only thing this album is missing is Sonny’s dreads. 

The album starts with a build up playing recorded clips of corruption, disease, world disasters, presidential promises, and other clips of the world’s craziness that we all live through.  The palm muted guitars and mean drum beat punch into the first full band chorus with yet another catchy vocal pattern from Sonny and the distinct sound of the P.O.D.  My favorite part of the song though is the verse.  The clean guitars and drumbeat really make the chorus hit hard. 

“This Goes Out To You” is the single they’re pushing for the release of the album.  It’s a great second track and the perfect song to use as the main single.  The song has the feel good vibe that P.O.D.’s know for.  Anyone can enjoy this track and the lyrics seem to be a thank you to all their fans.

My personal favorite track on the album is “Criminal Conversations”.  The verses of this song are in my opinion the best part of the album.  There’s so much emotion in the guitars and bass line.  The vocal pattern and tone couldn’t have fit the instruments better.  So much of the song reminds me of Circa Survive mixed with Crosses but with P.O.D’s spin on it.  Also, they couldn’t have chosen a better artist than Maria Brink to bring the whole song together.  Don’t skip over this song!

 As the album moves on you hear more of why this is a conceptual album.  This to me needs to be listened to in its entirety, front to back.  Give the whole album a listen without skipping tracks.  I think the surprise of the album is “Want It All” which is followed by “Revolución”; a track that showcases their older sound along with the reggae feel their known for.

Finally, the album ends with “The Awakening” which has a powerful intro about a bad father son relationship.  After time passes the boy has the strength to find his father and forgive him.  The song is another emotional track with a positive message and ultimately as a listener; you want to experience the same “great awakening”. 

Overall, I give the album 5 out of 5.  There’s not a single song I needed to skip and it had a good chunk of stand out tracks.  I don’ think P.O.D. fans and rock fans in general will be let down by their latest release.

Stand out tracks: Am I Awake, This Goes Out To You, Criminal Conversations, Want It All, The Awakening.


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