Def Leppard Live Nashville Concert Review

Tesla and Styx opened up the show and set the table for a Rock’N’Roll TKO to be delivered by Def Leppard. It’s worth noting that Styx, a pioneer in progressive rock music, was outstanding. They worked the crowd up with some of their biggest hits that also included a medly of Rocket Man, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Sittin on The Dock of The Bay that crescendo’s into Come Sail Away.

Def Leppard was the headliner at the Bridgestone arena on this night in Nashville, TN. The bands 54th show this year and the bands first show in Nashville since they played with Kiss back in July of 2014.

Def Leppard seared the stage from the first chord. When the lights hit the packed arena of about 18,000 strong, Rock ,Rock Till You Drop was a fitting first song because that was going to happen to you whether you wanted it to happen or not. The 17 song playlist would command the audience like few bands could or that I’ve ever seen.

I’ve attended several big concerts at Bridgestone Arena but by no means have I experienced an audience roar like the one I heard on this night in Nashville. Def Leppard would continue their onslaught of hits from their musical catalog including,Foolin, Animal, Love Bites and Armageddon It. Yes, we are only about 8 songs in to the evening with Def Leppard.

Then Rick Savage does a thunderous bass solo that bellowed throughout the arena. The show offered so many layers and musical morsels I was enthralled to see what direction the band would head after the bass solo.

Well, when you’ve written so many great songs over the years you bring out Joe Elliot center stage with an acoustic guitar and invite the whole arena to sing Two Steps Behind.  Joe said”I want all of you to be a part of Def Leppard tonight” “Will you help me sing this one” The audience was more than happy to oblige him and so was I.

After that triumphant rendition of Two Steps Behindthe band picked up the pace again withthe songs Rocket and Bringing On The Heartache.

I was thinking to myself, I wonder if a Rick Allen drum solo was in the mix tonight and sure enough during the Switch 625 {Instrumental} here comes Rick with his signature “Thunder God” sound pulsating his custom oak drum kit with his unique electronic four pedal set up.

To go along with all these hit songs and the Rick Allen drum solo. Def Leppard had a really immense light show & screen set behind them adding to the big rock arena feel. I especially enjoyed the multiple cameras mounted on Rick Allen’s drum kit that provided fantastic angles throughout the show and especially during his drum solo.It was truly a great perspective into his drum fills and powerful drum rolls along with an inside view to his foot pedals used to create his rhythmicresonance.

The Rock’N’Roll avalanche was about to happen when the band steam rolled the crowd closing their set with Hysteria, Let’s Get Rocked, and Pour Some Sugar On Me . You want more rock? How about Def Leppard cranking out an amped up version of Rock Of Ages and then closing with the smash hitPhotograph. It’s easily one of the best rock shows I’ve ever been to. Joe Elliot said”We love coming to Nashville because you’re so loud. Thank you for coming to see us and we will see you next time, and there will be a next time”

Def Leppard live offered plenty of true classic songs, big guitar riffs, lights, and visually stimulating material for any fan in attendance. It’s one of those rare concerts you attend where you can sing every word to every song and not care about losing your voice the next day.

Def Leppard, even after all these years, can still make the claim as one of the biggest and most extraordinary live concert events you can witness.

By: Ryan Hillier

Photos were taken on IPhone 5S

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