Clutch: The Physic Warfare Tour in Nashville.

Clutch: The Physic Warfare Tour in Nashville.

Nashville, Tennessee was the location and the Marathon Music works was the place holder for the Physic Warfare tour featuring The Shrine, Corrosion Of Conformity and easily one of my favorite bands of the last 20 years Clutch.

After the crowd was whipped into a frenzy by the robust musical catalog performance of C.O.Cand The Shrine it was time for Clutch to put the final stamp on what was already an outstanding eveningofheavy riffs and thunderousbeats.

As Clutch took the stage to a raucous crowd Neil Fallon (Lead Vocalist) in a calm demeanor said “so you guys ready to party?”Of course the audience was eager to raise their beers and their vocal chords to oblige this request.

Clutch opened up the show with their latest single X-Ray Vision& Firebirds off their new album titled Physic Warfare. This was the start of a musical frontier of new compositions forged into the fabric of Clutch’s musical catalog live.

After the first few songs Neil addressed the crowd stating that they would be hearing a good sample of music from the new record. “These next songsare not from that album”

As the deep, heavy bass sound of Dan Maines fills the venue and pounds your chest, Clutch digs in and you feel “Crucial Velocity”. Clutch the most kick ass band live you can behold with your eyes, ears and dare I say your soul. You could be a Cyborg (Bette) and still feel the heart and passion exuded from this band live.

One of the great things about Clutch and believe me there are many, is the fact that they change their set list nightly while on tour. This is what gives each Clutch performance its own experience, its own unique distinction. It’s a characteristic that sets Clutch apart from so many as a professional, live touring band.

As clutch dives into their musical catalog featuring “Burning Beard” and “Elephant Riders” two songs that everyone in the audience will sing every word too, thus cultivating a profound camaraderiefor those in attendance.

Neil Fallon is a maestro conducting with precession on stage. His mannerisms and facial expressions towards those in the crowd offer a perspective into this personality. Neil is a wordsmith, a professor of perpetual incite with quality and style. He’s backed by Tim Sult on lead guitar who’s expounded some of the grooviest, heaviest, and extraordinary riffs your ears can consume.

As noted earlier in this review Clutch would exercise some of their newest material including “Quick Death In Texas”of which anyone would wish this to happen if one found themselves in a predicament that seemed more than peculiar. The band also showcased “Our Lady of Electric Light” a mystifying, tranquil tale that beckons Story telling at its highest crest andaura.

Neil said” if you’re not familiar with the new material we do have CD’s for sale and you get get one on your way this evening” “There will be a quiz later”

So question one on the Quiz is:

1.       What is the opening track on the Physic Warfare album?

This is a bit of a trick question because the opening track is a 25 second Affidavit.

2.       In the song X-Ray Vision Drummer Jean Paul Gater’s astrological sign is?

The answer is Gemini.

Ok so now that you’ve passed the quiz, Clutch would continue their musical onslaught with EarthRocker, Pure Rock Fury, The Mob Goes Wild and two other new songs including “Son Of Virginia” and “Love of Incarceration”.

After a short break and the crowd chanting Clutch! Clutch! Clutch! For a few minutes the guys would return to the stage close out their set with “The Face” and “DC Sound Attack” with cowbell in hand the DC go-go vibe was evident and again showcases Clutch’s diverse musical calibration on a weighted scale that makes them a fine tuned instrument with each implementation of their live performance.

Neil thanked the Nashville crowd and closed the evening with “Electric Worry”  stating “We will be back Nashville”Clutchplayed 17 songs off 7 different albums.

Clutch has proven year after year, album after album that they are woven into the fabric of American musical history. A catalog of superior compositions providing wit, intellect, musicianship and a live performance that propels excellence to its highest capacity.

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