The Wild "Wild At Heart" Album Review By The Lava Dolls

The world needs bands like The Wild. These are the front-line soldiers that hold down the roots of rock and roll and keep reminding us why we fell in love with electric guitars, gritty vocals and heavy handed drumming in the first place. 

Their most recent offering, “Wild at Heart” (Released February 17th, 2017) delivers rock and roll that stays true to its roots while not recycling the rhythms and melodies we’ve heard so many times before.  There’s a lot to like here. 

Best Concert Photos from 2016

This photo gallery is a small collection of my favorite concert photos from 2016. This year is been a very memorable year in music, but also a very trying one with so many deaths not only from the music community but from the acting and the sports worlds.

I was only going to pick 10 photos but upon review I realized that was not going to happen. There was too much quality material to only select 10 photos to capture what has happened on

Kyng's "Breathe In The Water" Album Review By Blacktop Mojo

Before last week, I wasn’t very familiar with Kyng; however I’d seen the name bouncing around in the unending river of content that is social media on show posters and articles, so the name has been in my subconscious for some time. After spending a week with the L.A. based trio’s third studio album, Breathe In The Water, needless to say I feel late to the party. Kyng brings to the table a sound that is part stoner metal, part hard rock, and 100 percent soul and swagger. Any self respecting head banger can pick up what these boys are putting down.