Prophets of Rage Photos & Review

These photos were in Nashville on Sept. 27th at Bridgestone Arena.

It’s the Prophets of Rage coming to you live through your stereo and wherever there’s injustice. Turn that shit up Guerrilla Radio because we are coming back here with another Bombtrack mixed with Chuck- D from Public Enemy and B –Real from Cypress Hill. This is for The People of The Sun.

For those in attendance in Nashville on this night it was the best post debate analysis you’ll ever hear.

You know My Uzi Weights a Ton but we still can’t understand how anyone could Kill a Man. We’ve got to Take The Power Back here and now, no matter where you stand even if you’re a Rock Superstar we all can take the pledge, raise your hand a say Testify! It’s been outside our doors for so long. The system and the culture continue to react.

It should be noted that Tom Morello played the guitar solo with the plug from his guitar amp and his right hand.

After shredding through some true classics from both RATM, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, Chuck D and B real got right up in your face leaving the stage and heading towards the barricade to deliver a mix of straight up hip hop in your grill jams. Get your soul ready for this hip hop mix. Grip Hand On The Pump, thick beat got you revved up and ready to rock out till you’re going Insane ’N’ Membrane. The old school ways Bring The Noise no matter what they say because we Ain’t Going Out Like That. Both Chuck D and B-Real were crowd surfing and helping crowd surfers get over the barricade for a safe landing. Chuck D was taking selfies with peoples phones. Welcome to the Terrordome you crazy bastards! Get out of your damn seat and Jump Around.

I was curious like many how Chuck D and B-Real would sound doing Zak’s vocal parts but they absolutely slayed the stage and added a real dynamic element to the songs. Grip the mic, grip the stage, they are here to rage against the system.

Prophets Of Rage is the hammer of Justice forging a five sided fistagon wielding it heavy music and positive message on those who burn and toil, the vultures of blood and oil. This is for those who believe in justice, equality, and diversity, a world of peace and without hunger. This is everyone standing up and taking a stand to change. Changing you and then making a change on those who hold office. A return to thought and the absence of racism and ignorance through accountability, it begins with one and them the many. (Paraphrasing Tom Morello’s message)

(A portion of all ticket sales for each show go towards the city’s homeless shelter. On this night the band was raising money for the Nashville Food Project)

 Sleep Now in The Fire comes roaring in from Tom Morello. Chuck D and B-Real would drop the gauntlet with vocal flare on Bullet In The Head. The onslaught was on; bowing down to the jams, no way to Shut’em Down, hear the riffs, tone and sound. Know Your Enemy they are all around. American Dreams, hypocrisy, assimilation, ignorance, arrogance and bliss. As true as they’ve ever been for this time and space dial up the complacence. The Party’s Over finished and publicized. There’s no Sleep Till Nashville! It’s simple and we must face it. The Bulls on Parade, hear the rumble, and the scream.

When you really want to Kick Out The Jams and you’re playing in Nashville, you call upon some local heavy hitters like Cage The Elephant vocalist Matt Shultz & The Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach. Matt from CTE was jumping and running around like a mad man and add Tom Morello and Dan dueling guitars. After the song Tom Morello yelled we aren’t done yet!

B-Real said it best this is the best song of all time Killing in The Name Of! The house lights went up and the whole Bridgestone arena yelling “Fuck you! I won’t do what ya tell me

The band thanks everyone for their time and interest in support the message of Prophets Of Rage.

There comes a time when you have to stand for something. Rage has been that voice for years. They are a welcomed sight to have back into the fold on the musically landscape.