Marilyn Manson Concert Photos

Marilyn Manson Concert Photos

Marilyn Manson was in a rare spot as an opener on this night. It does not seem that long ago he would have been the outright headliner. Manson early on seemed almost disinterested or maybe it was his disdain for the Nashville crowd lack of enthusiasm. Manson I thought played a wide range of songs from his musical catalog. With that being said Manson did not play anything off his first album “Portrait Of An American Family” I believe Manson only plays songs off this album when he headlines.

He did however dig into the Antichrist Superstar album featuring “Angel With The Scabbed Wings” and the title track “Antichrist Superstar

Manson sneered into the crowd several times throughout the set. At one point he was throwing bags of some type of red powder into the crowd, leaving many to look to be covered in a red blood color on their bodies.

The Nashville crowd in my opinion was somewhat reluctant and passive during Manson. Manson finally had something to say about it. “Okay, you PBR drinking Mother Fuckers here’s this”. Manson would then tear off some of his hit album cuts including “MoBscene”, “Dope Show” and “Deep Six” off his latest album “The Pale Emperor

Marilyn Manson showed flashes of his God of fuck former self during this performance. I thought overall he and the band sounded fantastic. In a day and age when everything is so passive and PC, I think the metal world needs Marilyn Manson more now than ever. Who better to invoke thought and conversation through shocking imagery? Manson has always been well spoken and prominent on topical matters regarding society.

“Beautiful People” it’s a song that depending on your outlook can take on several meanings. Easily one of Manson’s biggest songs and smash radio hit. Manson would say thanks Nashville, slam his mic down and walk off the stage.