Lacuna Coil Concert Photos

Lacuna Coil Concert Photos

Lacuna Coil would electrify the Exit In located in Nashville, Tn. Lead by the magnificent, compelling and vocal precision by Cristina Scabbia. I’ve been a fan of Lacuna Coil for many years and to finally see them live was a real treat.

Christina has always been an amazing vocalist. Seeing her perform live is something every fan of this band should hear. As good as she sounds on the album and live recordings; nothing captivates her presence and sound like seeing her in person.

Not to be out done Andrew Ferro was equally compelling live. He was animated, expressive and brought an undeniably power to the stage.

When you have two singers that command so on the stage the band as a unit really transcends the bands sound live. Lacuna Coil pulled out a deep collection of songs to appeal to older and newer fans. Lacuna Coil is touring in support of the bands recent release “Delirium”.