In This Moment Concert Photos from Nashville

In This Moment Concert Photos from Nashville

These photos were taken on 8-17-16 at the Cannery Ballroom located in Nashville, TN.

In This Moment live is something every fan of live music and performance should see. I'm afraid words can't describe nor serve justice that is the wonderland of In This Moment live in person.

Maria Brink is performer in every sense of the word. She held the audience in her grasp from the moment she took the stage. Maria Brink was sexy, provocative, seductive, sincere, wise, and elegant.

Her strong personality shined and it’s easy to see the positive impact she has. Taking the negative and turning it into something empowering. In This Moment have an artist appeal unlike any in today’s musical environment, visually stunning.

The bands overall production value is a sight to behold. The wardrobe changes, lights, theatrics, and props set the stage for one of the most enthralling and vibrate displays going in music today.

Be here now! Become the show and live In This Moment.