Dropkick Murphy's

Dropkick Murphy's

The Dropkick Murphy’s would pack Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN. On March, 2nd 2016 while currently on their 20th anniversary tour.

The band would play a short video before the show to the amped up audience chanting DropKick! DropKick! The video sharing some insight into the bands humble beginnings in Boston. The band’s history features countless stories and adulations for supporting military veterans and being generally down to earth good people.

At one point during the show, while in the photo pit, a photographer was knocked over by a crowd surfer. As I turned to help him up, Tim Brennan the bands accordion player had left the stage to do the same and asked if he was ok. I’ve never seen that, ever from a band member. It’s a small look into the band personality and makeup as people.

The bands live performance is world renowned for its high energy and witty remarks. Bassist Ken Casey had some funny banter regarding playing Nashville and also hillbillies who traveled from Alambama to come see us play. We love you all! Wow, you're all great singer too. Of course you are we are in Nashville!

The party was in full swing and the Guinness was flowing and the Guinness would eventually be sold out. It was a Dropkick Murphy’s celebration of music and the band’s appreciation was evident. Gracious, interactive, signed and sealed. Greatness live is hard to capture into words. I recommend going to catch these Dropkick Murphy’s live for a truly entertaining musically Experience. Cheers!

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