311 Live in Nashville

311 Live in Nashville

As the last sunset in July would come, the  sold out Marathon Music in Nashville was jam packed for a showdown with 311. The band is celebrating over 25 years together. Despite a brief power outage in the middle of the opening acts Floralorix set, it did not damper the spirit of those in attendance but it did crank the heat up in the venue by about 20 degrees.

Easily one of the hottest and sweatiest shows I’ve ever attended. I was melting like a candle and 311 was melting the sold out crowd with what I would describe as a full onslaught of their musical catalog. The 22 song set list covered all the big hits like “Down” “Come Original” “All Mixed Up” “Beautiful Disaster” and 311 closed the night with “Creatures”.  311 would also unleash long time fans favorites like “Homebrew” “Amber” “Hydroponic” and “I’ll Be Here Awhile”.

311 has always been in a category by them self’s. The deep thick bass lines, drum grooves, heavy guitar riffs with a blend of hip hop, rock, blues and reggae. 311, on this night laid down their vamping style and tranquility musically. When you’ve been around this long in the music industry it’s not lucky, there’s no applied science to the other side of things. It’s an ebb & flow. To those who choose to say, don’t stay home, and attended this live performance from 311. To those people, they hit the jackpot.

From the opening note of Freeze Time to the final chord of “Creatures” 311 left everyone feeling like they were Leaving Babylon.

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