10 Years

10 Years

These photos of 10 Years were taken on Feb. 21st at the Exit In located in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can also hear full interview with Ryan "Tater" Johnson and the bands newest single "Miscellanea" on Revelator #99  10 YEARS FOR THE DELTA MOVEMENT


From Birth To Burial Tour: 10 Years, Ohterwise, & The Glorious Sons- Feb. 2015

The panic stricken reports on the local news stations urged us to stay at home because the winter weather will bring rain, sleet and a dusting of snow, and temperatures slightly below freezing. The cold white wintery hand of death was coming for us all. Go buy milk, bread and your post apocalyptic survival kit for this 2 day winter blast.

The Birth To Burial tour was also in town featuring Knoxville, Tennessee rockers 10 Years. The tour was originally a four band line up but former Revelator show guest Luminoth had to leave the tour because their drummer, Paul broke his elbow mid way though the tour.

You can hear interview with Luminoth here:  Revelator #11 Luminoth to a Flame 

10 Years:

After a few tech issues, 10 Years was ready to take the stage and then, one song in, they had some other tech issues. The ear piece in their singers Jesse Hasek ear was shocking him. Jesse said “It’s like having on a shock collar”. So the guys in the band did what pros do – ad lib. Guitarist Ryan “Tater” Johnson broke into a smooth lounge music type groove and the rest of the band joined in, Jesse rambled some random words into the mic, as he was getting a new ear piece.  Jesse said, “I have no idea what just came out of my mouth just now.”  

Hear interview with Ryan Tater Johnson & newest single “Miscellanea” from 10Years. Revelator Show #99: 10 Years For The Delta Movement

The band crushed through some fan classics including “Knives” then Jesse asked if people had heard the new single “Miscellanea”. This was followed by a roar from the crowd. “The album is coming out in April, if it doesn’t, someone is going to die”

Jesse thanks everyone for coming out to the show and braving the weather. The tour now at its mid-way point has sustained the loss of fellow Knoxville band Luminoth and Jesse was wearing a heavy bandage on his right hand. Someone from the crowd yelled, “Hey what’s up with the hand?” Jesse replied “it’s where I hide the drugs. Wake Up, Nashville!”

10 Years took the crowd on a bit of a journey with their set list. It was both high impact but also showcased some of the bands more melodic tracks like “Beautiful” that’s what really has set 10 Years apart from a lot of the early 2000’s hard rock acts.

Some songs are timeless. When you think of the band 10 Years your probably think about the song “Wasteland” With people yelling it from the crowd “Play Wasteland” Jesse said” it that our Freebird? Hell with it we are not playing it” Before you go, what the hell, they did not play wasteland? They did, they didn’t just play it, and they had the whole place sing it with them! It was pretty amazing to witness.

10 years closed out the night in Nashville with a fan favorite “Shoot It Out”

The From Birth To Burial Tour is a diverse collection of musicians and I can only suggest you check out the interviews and their music.