Rob Zombie Live at Ascend Amphitheater

Rob Zombie Live at Ascend Amphitheater

These photos were taken on May 7th, 2016 at the

Rob Zombie would bring Gore and the electric warlock acid witch satanic orgy celebration dispenser to Nashville. Rob Zombie would bring a great mix of old classics from his first solo album to a few old favorites from his days with White Zombie. The band also did a cool version of Tone Loc's "Wild thing"

Rob Zombie even took off into the crowd about half way through the bands set to shine a spot light on those seated in the lawn area. When he returned to the stage Rob Zombie spoke about how everyone was on their phone and needed to let go so they could enjoy them self's. This was the Q for John 5 jamming the guitar riff to "Thunder Kiss 65" Rob Zombie said wait a second, surely you can do without your phones for three and half minutes can't you?

Zombie would address the crowd stating "They say Rock'N'Roll is dead and I think the damn iphone killed it". Remember the good old days when you worried about getting your nose broke at a show instead of your phone?  Rob Zombie lead an amazing  performance fueled with a great display of large robots, boom box, floating balls and visually stunning  light show and Rob Zombies dance moves that I'm sure will make many jealous. Don't try these moves alone or do depending on how much soul you may or may not have.

I for one am glad to of had been a part of the electric warlock acid witch satanic orgy celebration dispenser.